Chapter three: Why does this feel like a police interrogation?

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Chapter three: Why does this feel like a police interrogation?

"It was so amazing! I made so many friends and I love all my classes and teachers and I made the cheerleading team!" Tyler gushed about her day at school over her dinner.

"I made the team too." Cameron grinned excitedly, "It was so much fun. Everyone's so nice and the boys are super cute." She turned bright red and Tyler agreed.

"Our new friends are so nice. This girl Farrah is-"

"A racist prick." I stabbed my food angrily at the thought of her.

"Excuse me?" Mom was stunned at my sudden outburst. "Do you even know this girl?"

"She is not racist." Tyler defended.

I scoffed, "Yes. She is. She called my friend a cotton picker. A freaking cotton picker! Then this snob Tianna said she wasn't being racist and this brat Jocelin almost called her the 'N' word."

"Tianna and Jocelin are both people of color. If they don't think it's racism then it's not." Cameron stated.

"God your incredibly ignorant." I grunted and shoved a bite of lasagna in my mouth.

"Anyways! How was your day, Noah?" Tyler changed the subject.

"Yeah! You said you made a friend? Rhiannon was it?" Mom asked and there was a twinkle of excitement in her eyes.

"Yeah. She's a sophomore, but she's in all my classes and she's really cool. I didn't sit with her at lunch but that's cause I had to skip it to talk to the guidance counselor." I shrugged and mom cocked an eyebrow.

"You did? About what?" She put her glass down. "Is everything okay?"

I nodded, "She just a few questions about my school life back in Ohio."

"She did?" Mom asked with narrowed eyes and I nodded, "Why?"

"I dunno. She said it was routine for students with known mental illnesses." I sipped my lemonade.

"What did she ask you?" Mom grew angry, but not at me. At my school for getting involved.

"Just asked me how I've been regarding my PTSD. I told her that it was better, and I haven't gotten any hallucinations, and that the nightmares have gone away for the most part. She just said if I ever needed to talk to talk to her. She was very nice." I tried to calm my mom down by adding in the nice part.

"Is the accident in your files or something?" She cocked an eyebrow and I shrugged. About a year ago, Jude and I got into a really bad car accident that left me in a coma state for a few weeks, Jude has gotten a fracture to the skull and needed surgery and our friend Will died. His body landed on my lap. His dead body. I still remember it as if it happened ten minutes ago.

"Okay. I have to go, your sisters are going out tonight. Are you going to stay in tonight? It's Friday." Mom asked as the girls ran upstairs to get dressed for wherever they were going.

"Actually I was invited to a sleepover. Is it cool if I go?" I asked and she looked stunned but nodded yes.

"Ask your sisters for a ride. Their friend will drop you off."

"Thanks, mom." I grinned and ran up the stairs into my room and dialed Rhiannon's number.

"Hello?" She asked. "Can you come?"

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