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Hey guys! So, I've decided to start a sequel and I'm super duper excited. It's going to be called "the gang leaders girl is back in town" and it will take place four years in the future.

The first chapter will be uploaded either late tonight or early tomorrow morning, I'll let you know when it's here! I'll post it on my account so you're gonna need to follow me to see the post ( ;) ) I'll also post a message here though so if you don't want to follow me, don't fret! You'll know!!

Lol sorry, here's the blurb of the next book:

It's round two for twenty three year old Noah Carson

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It's round two for twenty three year old Noah Carson.

In the four years that Noah has been gone, something inside her changed. She grew more cold, malicious and became just as cold-hearted as the father of her twins. Noah will do whatever she wants, whenever she wants and won't be told otherwise. If you try and intersect her plans, you will, without a doubt end up dead.

When business brings her back to New York, she had a plan. Bring the shipment, get the money, take the twins to visit her family, then leave.

But for Noah, things don't always go as planned. Especially not when you have to do business with the leader of the first most dangerous gang in the America's, the man who also happens to be the one that got away: Asher Storms.




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