Chapter five: We're just going to a party.

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Chapter five: We're just going to a party.

I stirred awake at the sounds of clanking. I sat up and noticed I was asleep on the two person leather couch. Blake and Rhiannon were passed out on the floor, and Damien was sprawled out on the other couch. I looked around the room as my eyes fought to
stay open.

I saw a shadowed figure walking down the hallway and I got up to see what it was. It wasn't Rhiannon's mom, she'd called and said that she was staying at her 'friends' house tonight.

I walked down the hall and approached the bathroom, the door was open and the lights were on. I looked in and saw Asher standing there, blood seeping through his clothes and his face was completely bloodied and bruised.

I gasped then opened my mouth to speak but he noticed me and instantly cupped my mouth and motioned for me to be quiet.

"What the heck happened? Are you okay?" I asked with wide eyes as I stared at the sight in front of me.

"I'm fine. Go back to sleep." He said in a whisper as he winced and reached for the first aid kit.

I huffed in annoyance and motioned for him to sit down as I reached for it. I grabbed it and pulled it down, when I opened it I took out gauze, wraps, hydrogen peroxide, and medical tape. I've been through this type of scenario with Jude. Multiple times.

Without even realizing what I'd been doing, instantly began wrapping his hand up after cleaning it. I looked at his blood stained white t-shirt and sighed.

"Take it off." I ordered and he cocked an eyebrow with a smirk. I scowled then he rolled his eyes and did as I said. I cleaned it and he winced but didn't make a sound. I taped a gauze to it and wrapped it; completely ignoring his oddly perfect body. It was clearly a stab wound.

What the fuck had he been doing?

I put some more hydrogen peroxide on a wash cloth and began to clean his face. He hissed and I pulled away and gave him a glare. "Quit being a baby. You did this to yourself."

"What the hell is going on?" Blake asked in confusion as he and Damien stood in the doorframe. Their eyes widened in shock at the sight.

"She wouldn't let me do it myself." Asher said to them. "She's gotten all this done in less then ten minutes."

"It takes us like thirty." Damien said and knitted his eyebrows together.

I ignored them and kept cleaning the cuts on his face.

"She even knew what to do for the stab wound." Asher said to them and they exchanged looks.

"Done." I stated and threw the bloody wash cloth into the sink. "I'm going to bed." I tried to push past Damien but he pushed me back and motioned for me to wait a second.

"How'd you know what to do for all this?" Blake asked motioning to Asher. "And how did you do it so fast?"

"It's not rocket science." I yawned.

"Okay but you didn't hesitate a single bit to help me. You weren't even phased." Asher said coldly as he slipped on a t-shirt Blake handed him.

"So?" I asked.

"So. How come you aren't phased." Damien asked in a 'duh' tone.

"My friend got into...fights a lot." Was all that I said. What am I going to tell them? That my best friend had an issue with underground gambling and when he didn't pay his dues he got the shit beaten out of him?

"Go." Blake let me escape through a gap between him and Damien. I didn't hesitate and weaseled my way out and down the hall. I laid back down on the couch and closed my eyes; drifting back off to sleep.

A few hours later, I woke up and noticed I was the only one asleep still. I grabbed my phone and noticed it was eight. If it were my house, I'd be asleep till one but sadly, it's not.

I lazily got up and ran a hand through my hair as I walked into the kitchen. Instantly, Rhiannon slid me a cup of coffee. Light and sweet. Just how I like it.

"How'd you know?" I asked happily as I sipped it.

"You seemed like a coffee person." She shrugged and drank some of her own coffee.

"Coffee is my religion." I mumbled as I chugged it down. The guys all sat around at the little island munching on cereal.

"You want cereal?" Rhiannon asked and I shook my head no.

"I'll be right back." I mumbled and came back with my backpack. I placed it on the stool besides me and discreetly pulled out my anti-psychotics and mood stabilizers. I popped them in my mouth and took a sip of my coffee. No one noticed, except Asher but he didn't say anything.

"So what do you want to do today?" Rhiannon asked me, "You're staying over again right?"

I nodded and her eyes lit up.

"We could go to this totally not illegal sporting event." I said quietly so the guys wouldn't hear, not that they were paying any attention.

"Wait, you're serious? I've been wanting to go for like...ever!" She shrieked gaining the attention of her brother and his friends.

"Where are you going?" Blake narrowed his eyes at his sister. She ignored him and turned to me.

"I've always wanted to go, but where the hell is it?" She asked me and I shrugged.

"I dunno. I can call Jude and he has a few friends down here in New York so I'm sure we could get in no problem." I said nonchalantly and she began to jump up and down.

"When does it start?"

"Probably like...nine tonight." I said, "there's a before and after party."

"Can we go? To both of them?" She asked with wide eyes.

"You have to ask your mom, but I mean yea." I laughed lightly and she grew more and more excited.

"What's Jude's friends name?"

"Antonio." I stated and she grinned but the guys decided to intervene.

"I'm sorry, where the hell are you going and what's this 'Antonio's' last name?" Blake asked harshly.

"We're just going to a party." She rolled her eyes.

"If your mom says yes." I added and she pointed to me with a nod.

"Do you even know these guys?" Damien asked with narrowed eyes.

"Not personally but I know they wouldn't let anything happen to us. And if anyone tries going near her, they'll regret it. Trust me." I stated and she began giggling in excitement.

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