Chapter nineteen: Uniqua is a queen.

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Chapter nineteen: Uniqua is a queen.

I woke up the next morning in Asher's bed. He'd taken the couch in the little living room he had last night.

I remembered who that man was. I got up and ran into the living room and began shaking him awake.


"What, Noah? It's five in the morning." He groaned. 

"I remember who it is now." I stated and instantly his eyes shot open.


"He's a little bit older than us, maybe in his mid twenties. I remember when I was like twelve, Antonio used to brag about how strong I was and how powerful I was going to be someday and how I was going to be the best fighter he's ever seen and he used to get extremely jealous. Like, insanely jealous and has always said that he was going to get revenge on me one day. Today was his day and he finally proved that he was stronger than me. His name is weird..Lars? I think it was Lars Weston."

"He's not going to leave you alone now, is he?"
Asher yawned and I shook my head no. "Either we kill him or I teach you to fight."

"Um...I don't feel like being classified as a murderer so uh...teaching me to fight I guess?" I said as I chewed my nails.

"Fine. We'll start tomorrow. Now go back to bed." He mumbled and drifted back off to sleep. I walked back into Asher's room and climbed under the covers and attempted to sleep again.

After an hour of just tossing and turning, I finally sat up in defeat. I walked back out to where Asher was and kneeled down besides him.

"Asher." I whispered and he groaned.


"Do you have an Tylenol I can take?" I asked and placed my hand in my hands as I stared awkwardly waiting for an answer.

"What time is it?" He put his arm up, covering his face as he yawned.

"Almost six thirty." I said and he sighed before rubbing his eyes and sitting up.

Awe he's actually really adorable when he wakes up...

Wait what did I just think?

"Why are you so red?" He cocked an eyebrow and I shrugged the question off and sat besides him on the black leather couch. He sighed and clicked on the tv. The tv turned on to nick jr. And neither one of us moved to change it so for the next half hour, we sat watching an episode of the backyardigans in silence.

"I just realized the backyardigans are fucked. I think they're actually mental." Asher stated and I looked at him in amusement, "I mean, who can imagine a whole fucking town in there backyard? Weird people. And what if they accidentally kill someone cuz they think they're police officers at a robbery. And then at the hearing the judge ask 'Why did you do it?' and they're like 'cause we're the Backyardigans!' and then they start singing the theme song and dancing on the tables in the court room. How the fuck is this show still running?" He threw his hands up and by his face you could tell that he was clearly fired up and in distress about it, "And what the fuck even is Uniqua? Is she some sort of bug? A mutant?"

"Shes and unnamed species. But she's very entertaining though." I stated and he looked at me as if I were insane.

"Entertaining? She's fucking horrifying!" He yelled as the door clicked open but neither one of us turned to look.

"She's not horrifying! She is a very nice young lady!" I yelled defending her character. "So she's a little weird looking! They all are but it's still a good show!"

"They're fucking insane!" Asher yelled with wide eyes and pointed to the TV screen.

"Um...what?" We heard. I turned my head and saw a man in his early to mid forties with a woman standing arms linked with his. Besides them were Damien, Blake and Jillian.

"What are you guys arguing about?" The man who resembled Asher asked with a twinkle of amusement in his eyes.

Instantly we both began yelling at the same time about the show.

"You're wrong. Uniqua is a queen." I finished and crossed my arms with a huff then turned back over to everyone who was doubled over laughing.

"It's not funny!" Asher and I yelled in unison and they laughed more.

"I can't tell what's funnier. The fact that two fully grown teenagers are watching the backyardigans or the fact that they're actually arguing about it." Jillian wheezed out and I scowled.

"We were coming to make sure that you were up and Jillian wanted to check on Noah." The man said and he nodded.

"Well thanks to Noah I've been up since fucking four in the morning." He glared at me and I scoffed.

"Literally it wasn't four and you didn't even wake up! You went back to sleep-" he cut me off and we began bickering again.

"Children, please!" The woman exasperated with a laugh. I shut up and looked at her, "I'm Brittany, this fools mom." She motioned to Asher.

"I'm Clark, his father." The man besides her introduced himself.

"I'm Noah...sorry we had to meet under these circumstances." I said awkwardly.

"Mom can I- no fucking way." The boys mouth dropped. "You're ace right?"

My eyes widened when I realized where I knew him from. "No."

"Yeah! We met back in-"

"No. We did not." I cut the sixteen year old off with a harsh glare and Clark eyed me suspiciously.

"Where did you meet, son?"

He smirked, "Remember when we went down to Brownsville? And we ended up going to see the race down at 241?"

"Yeah..." he knitted his eyebrows together. Jace opened his mouth to speak but I instantly jumped over the couch and covered his mouth.

I gave him a glare and he smirked, "Nothing. Never mind."

God you have a single, one night stand in your life and it has to come back to haunt you?

"Okay then." Jillian shook her head, "Come with me."

I nodded and followed her out the door.

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