Chapter thirty three: Am I supposed to be happy about this?

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Chapter thirty three: Am I supposed to be happy about this?

When we pulled up to the house. Everyone was there. When I say everyone, I mean the press, my mom, dad, sisters, Asher, Damien, Blake, Rhiannon, Jude, Chase, Antonio, Ryland, Xavier, Aiden, Jace, Will, Asher's parents, Darcy.

Why is everyone here? I don't want anyone here!

Detective Stabler opened the door and I stepped out with Stabler's jacket still wrapped tightly around me. Everyone stiffened when they laid eyes on me and my mom and sisters instantly tackled me in a hug.

I stood there, expressionless, not hugging them back. I had to many thoughts running through my mind.

"Oh honey," Mom backed up and cupped my face, "What did this man do to you?" Her voice broke. She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and led me towards everyone. My mom let me go and my dad hugged me as tears poured down his face.

"I'm so sorry. This is all my fault." He whispered as he hugged me. He backed away and Jude gave me a sad look before he pulled me into a hug. I winced but just stood there.

Am I supposed to be happy about this? They're all just going to continue lying to me. At least he didn't lie to me. About everything.

"Okay guys give her some space." Detective Benson ordered as we followed my parents into the living room. My parents sat on either side of me, my sisters sat across from me and Asher stood in the corner.

"We're going to need you to leave." Detective Stabler said to Asher. Asher gave him a glare and didn't budge.

"He's fine." My dad stated and I knitted my eyebrows together in confusion.

"Honey do you want to go shower before we get your statement, while we talk to your parents?" Olivia asked. I didn't say anything and just shakily got up and made my way up the stairs. I felt a presence behind me as I clicked open my bedroom door. I didn't bother looking at anything, it was all the same. It was safe. I walked into my closet, grabbed a pair of soft shorts, and a tank top along with some undergarments before I walked past Asher into the bathroom.

I placed my clothes on the toilet as I turned on the shower. I stripped myself of my clothes, avoiding my reflection. The moment I stepped into the shower, I saw a mixture of brown and red begin to slide off my bruised and cut up body. My bodies response to the water was immediate, my muscles seemed to relax and a tear tickled my cheek and mixed with the clean water as I poured gentle soap into my hands. My fingers met my long blonde hair, dancing into the mess it was, ridding it of the knots time had given. I can't believe that Asher and my father are in the same room together. What had happened while he had me? I dragged the soap over my body, the action soothing my tough skin. More tears escaped my eyes followed by my fist meeting the wall. I hated how I had pretended... Now, I could let it all out and so I did. Somewhere, above surface, a young girl dropped to the floor, letting the water caress her skin as she broke down and wept.

About a half hour later, I'd gotten out of the shower and slipped into my clean clothes. Once again, refusing to meet my reflection as I stepped out of the bathroom. Asher was still there. His eyes snapped to mine and they slowly trailed down my body. His jaws clenched in anger and his eyes were swirling with a thirst for blood.

Though it was hot outside, it was freezing inside. I shivered and instantly Asher slipped the hoodie off his own body and gently tugged it over my head.

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