Chapter twenty eight: Have a good Christmas.

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Chapter twenty eight: Have a good Christmas.

"Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way. Oh what fun it is to ride in a one horsed open sleigh, hey!" I danced around my room as I tugged bracelets onto my arm.

"Ready?" Will cocked an eyebrow as he rolled up his sleeves. He'd fallen asleep in here last night. We spent the entire day binge watching the carrie diaries.

"So you're allowed to come?" I asked curiously and slipped my phone into my back pocket.

He nodded, "If you don't have plans for the holidays you can join in on whatever is going on here at the house."

"Did you have any friends or anything you were planning on spending Christmas with?" I questioned as we walked into the hall and made our way downstairs.

"I didn't make any friends here. I keep to myself. I do my job and it is what it is." He sighed slinging an arm around my shoulder as we neared the dining room. My heart sped up at the thought of Asher but my stomach dropped when I saw him kiss Taylor and link hands with her. I ignored them and sat across the table besides Will as Jace, Axel, Cole, Brittany, Clark, Damien, Blake, Jillian and a man who I assumed was Damien's dad sat down.

"Will, you finished your job out in Montana I hope." Clark cleared his throat awkwardly and Will nodded curtly.

My heart sped up as I laid eyes on the man who played with my life in a game of chess that he knew Will would refuse to lose.

No one said anything about the fact that I was sitting here with Will, and avoided eye contact with me meaning they knew that I probably know everything now.

Will and I stayed silent the entire dinner while everyone amongst us chatted and talked about things. I didn't pay attention till I heard them mention my father. I didn't turn to look, I just listened in.

"Rumor has it that they've recruited a new sharp shooter." Taylor said to Clark.

"Really? Who?" Brittany asked curiously.

"No clue. But I've heard that they've been gaining more and more members every day and that he's planning to relocate his family."

"What? What do you mean relocate his family?" Asher asked, "Noah?" He said and I looked up at him; disgusted at myself for kissing him when he has a girlfriend.

"Yes?" I spoke quietly.

"You've been awfully quiet all night, are you alright sweetie?" Jillian asked me.

I turned to her, "No. I'm not okay because apparently you forced my best friend to join this fucking gang by threatening my life." I said and aimed the last part at Clark.

"Noah just relax-"

"No. Blake. I won't relax. Because Rhiannon's being dragged into all of this too. Our lives are being completely turned, I know mine is! This bitch Martha tried to kill me, my boyfriend was forced to break up with me, my best friend died in my lap. My entire family was moved to live closer to a man that abandoned me as a child, I was forced to go to this school that has wanted gang members attending it, somehow I get myself involved with them and learn that my dad runs a gang and that my family all knew except for me then my best friend that I watched die is suddenly alive and has been doing these awful things to protect me when he didn't need to and now," I laughed manically, "Now the guy I was starting to like turns out to have a girlfriend and the man who held me hostage and raped me for three fucking years' son is actually Antonio's friend Lars and he ended up forcing me to do all these disgusting things because he threatened my family who is untouchable but ended up being paid off by Asher fucking Storms and now I'm getting paranoid thinking that my foster father is going to come get me again but he hung himself! He's dead! But how am I supposed to know the difference between alive and dead when I'm physically touching the dead right now?" I put my hand on Will's shoulder. "Everything in my life is fucking fucked up and my past is coming back to haunt me, I mean the one night stand I had a little while ago I thought he was long gone and he's in this room right now and my ex is suddenly back and I just want it to be back to normal when I had no clue that any of you people existed and I was happy and healthy and not on the verge of being sent to a psych ward because of PTSD for someone that isn't even fucking dead!" I yelled and everyone just stared mouth gaped at me.

"Noah." Will whispered and tugged at my jacket motioning for me to sit.

"You know what? No. I'm not staying here. I'm going fucking home and pretending that none of you people exist and that you are still dead so then at least I have a reason as to why I'm so fucked up in the head." I pushed my chair in then turned to Asher, Damien and Blake, "And don't try following me because if you do I'll call the cops and rat all of you the fuck out. And don't worry, I'll stay away from Rhiannon so I'm not the reason her life gets ruined too."

"Honey.." Jillian the only normal one in the room said.

"Thank you for dinner, it was very good and I hope you have a great Christmas." I gave her a small smile.


I cut Taylor off with a glare, "Taylor I wouldn't say a fucking word to me. Newsflash, you're not all that. You're a fucking slut who thinks she has her paws on the gang leader but guess what? Last night, he wasn't so loyal." Her eyes widened and she turned to Asher.

Jace let out a low whistle, "Damn. Hit me up sometime, we can recreate what happened last time and add some more spice to it."

"Shut your bitch ass up." I stated and grabbed my keys from my jacket pocket and walked out then turned to Will who was following me. "I'm sorry."

"It's okay." He said, "Don't be sorry. I'll bring your stuff to you later, okay?"

I nodded and turned heels, the sound of my boots echoing off the ground as I made my way through the foyer and out the door.

I got into my car and drove off.

It seriously would be so much easier if I were just gone. No one would have to worry about protecting me all the time and no ones lives will be put at risk anymore.

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