Chapter eight: I could go for some obesity central right now.

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Chapter eight: I could go for some obesity central right now.

I tapped my pencil in annoyance. You'd think a creative arts teacher would know that not everyone's brain is the same.

"So yes, Yasmin. Our minds are all the same. They just work differently." Mr. Woods finished. Subconsciously my hand flew up. "New girl."

"My name is Noah. I've been here for three weeks." I started with then continued, "And I completely disagree with your statement."

"Why's that?" He cocked an eyebrow and smirked as if he were waiting for someone to say something.

"A dreamer is quite different from the normal human being. When a normal human closes their eyes, they see darkness, cause well, technically, that's what they should see. But a dreamer sees different. Inside the darkness brought about the closed eyelids lays worlds of fantasies. Perfection and imperfection. Where life is a sweet melody. Even though it might even be a pure childish figment of imagination, a dreamer enjoys their time there, for it is something that real life cannot provide. A normal human being doesn't do that. Therefore, I disagree." I basically ranted and Rhiannon agreed from the other side of the room.

"Very well put Ms. Carson. Now here's a question. Are you a dreamer or a 'normal' person?"

I chewed my lip as I thought. "I'm a dreamer...but a realist. Unlike most dreamers that I've met, I know how harsh reality is. I can easily place a line between the two."

"Interesting." He nodded, "Does anyone else have anything to say about that?" He got up and began walking around. "Mr. Francha?"

Gavin nodded, "Actually I was going to ask to be paired with her for the song writing project. If she can speak like that, imagine what she could do with a song."

"She actually writes songs guys, like she does it on her free time." Tyler snorted to Gavin and Farrah. This is the only class I have with both her and Cameron.

"Wait no- I want to be her partner." Cameron's eyes widened. "We live together so it'll be easier to work on it."

"No that's not fair! She's my best friend!" Rhiannon scoffed and they all began bickering.

"Enough!" Mr. Woods called out, shutting them all up. "You've all been paired with someone from my period six class. You're going to be paired with someone who can either sing or play an instrument. That way you each have something to do."

"O-M-G! I hope I get paired with Asher. Or Damien or Blake." Tianna gushed and the girls began squealing.

"This is part of your senior projects. So we've gotten permission from the principle to bring the two classes together for two periods a day. Everyone from my period six class will be here any moment and I'll announce the partnerships." He grumbled as students began to pile in. I closed my notebook that I happened to be writing a song in as I sat awkwardly.

Blake and the guys stood near Rhiannon and motioned she sighed in annoyance. I cracked a grin then turned to the front.

"Okay. Blake and Tyler. Rhiannon and Harley. Gavin and Tiffany. Riley and Max." He started to go in alphabetical order, "Cameron and Damien." I squeezed my pencil, please god no. "Noah and Asher."

"Fuck." I mumbled and dropped my head in my hands. He seriously gives me the creeps. I haven't seen him around much since the first time I slept over Rhiannon's house. I haven't seen any of them actually.

After a few minutes, he was done listing off the names and instantly, Farrah was towering over me looking furious. "Trade partners with me."

"No trading partners." Mr. Woods called out as if on cue.

"Don't even try anything you little bitch. He's mine." She barked out before turning heels and going back over to her partner. Poor Timmy. He's stuck with the devil. I gladly would've traded.

Everyone got up and began to move seats. When I realized that Asher wasn't moving, I sighed in annoyance and walked over to the abundance of popular kids.

"Hey sister." Cameron nodded and I gave her a weird smile before walking over to where Asher was leaning against the window frame.

"Um...where do you want to work?" I asked awkwardly and motioned to the classroom. He didn't say anything and just kept typing away at his phone. "Or not..." I mumbled and placed my notebook on the windowsill. Since he wasn't paying attention, I began to work on my own personal song. I'd work on the project but I don't know what type of song or genre he wants to work with. "Can you sing?" I asked and he just shook his head no. "Play an instrument?" Once again, he shook his head no.

Why the hell were we paired together then?

"I can sing and I know how to play guitar and the keyboard so..." I trailed and he let out a breath of annoyance. "I guess I'll just work on the whole damn thing myself." I grumbled and slammed my notebook shut before turning heels and grabbing my backpack as I walked out the door.

"Where are you going, Ms. Carson?" Mr. Woods sighed putting his phone down.

"The nurse." I deadpanned then walked out of the room and made my way straight down the hall out the front doors of the school. No one bothered to stop me.

I made my way down the street until a familiar car pulled up besides me. Great.

"Where do you think you're going?" My dad asked me.

"Home." I stated and continued to walk. He parked the car and ran out after me.

"Are you okay? Noah what's wrong?" He stopped me and I let out a shaky breath.

"I don't know."

"What do you mean?" He asked me with knitted eyebrows.

"What I said. I. Don't. Know. I've just been feeling off lately, and I'm getting annoyed and agitated easily. I mean I was just paired with Asher on a creative arts project that's worth twenty percent of my final grade senior year. And he isn't even acting like he cares in the slightest bit! Which means I have to work on the whole thing myself and write his name on it! It's not fair!" I yelled in annoyance.

"Are you hungry?"

"Very." I pouted crossing my arms. "I didn't have lunch yet."

He motioned for me to get in the car. I sighed and climbed in. "Why can't you trade partners with someone?"

"It's not allowed." I muttered, "I was going to. But no. I got stuck with the biggest jerk in the entire school!" I flung my arms around.

"McDonald's?" He asked and I nodded.

"I could go for some obesity central right now."

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