Chapter eleven: Ooo adventure.

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Chapter eleven: Ooo adventure.

These last few weeks, my sisters and Farrah once again weaseled their way onto Asher, Damien and Blake's laps during lunch. They aren't phased by it at all, they just ignore them.  Every day. I'm not affected by the 'no talking to them' rule. I mean, I don't talk to them unless it's for schoolwork which is like never. Since Asher fails to appear to class everyday without fail. I haven't seen much of Rhiannon lately either, she went on vacation with her mom to Puerto Rico so I'm all alone during school.

I got up and shoved all my books into my backpack before I walked out of the lunchroom and down the hall. I made sure no security was around before I walked out the doors and made my way down the street. Not even ten minutes later, it began down pouring.

"Stupid New England bi-polar ass weather." I groaned and began to pick up my speed when a car pulled up besides me.

"Do you ever look at the forecast?" Asher called out with a smirk. I glared at him and he rolled his eyes. "Get in."

Without hesitation, I clicked open the door and allowed myself to be enveloped with warmth. "Oh thank God."

"You going home?" He asked and I nodded. The car sped off and I let out a breath of relief. After about a minute of driving, flashing lights were seen. "Shit." He grumbled and pulled over. "Was I speeding?"

"I don't think so..." I knitted my eyebrows together.

"Just- stay quiet."

I nodded as the police officer tapped on the glass. Asher rolled the window down. "Afternoon, officer."

He eyed Asher suspiciously then his eyes scanned me in more of a pervy way.

"License and registration please." He asked. Asher reached over my lap and rummaged through the compartment in front of me, a gun fell out and landed on my lap. Asher froze, as did I. He slyly slid it under my leg then tossed a jacket on my lap. He grabbed the paperwork he needed then sat up and cleared his throat.

"That was buried deep in there." He chuckled and handed him his ID.

My heart was beating extremely fast. Why the fuck does he have a gun in his car? And why the fuck am I helping him hide it?

They seem normal but they're dangerous. Extremely dangerous.

I gulped back the lump in my throat and smiled up at the officer.

"I'm going to need you and the lady to step out of the car, Eric." The officer said handing him back his ID. Eric? Who's Eric?

Asher unbuckled his seatbelt and was about to open the door but I placed my hand on his arm to stop him.

"Why?" I asked.

He officer looked taken back, "Excuse me?"

"Why do we need to step out of the car? And why were we pulled over?"


"We weren't even doing thirty. The speed limit is forty five." I stated matter of factly.

"Ma'am please exit the car. I need to search it." He stated with a sigh.

"Warrant?" I cocked an eyebrow.


"Do you have a warrant?" I said slowly and he looked shocked.

"N-no but-"

"Do you have reason to believe we're hiding anything in this car? Can I see your badge?" I asked and he opened his mouth to speak but nothing came out.

"You seem irritated." The officer stated.

I nodded, "Yes. I am. Now if you have no reason to suspect anything here, no warrant, and aren't giving us a ticket we'll be on our way."


"Buh-bye officer." I stated waving.

"Have you ever thought about being a lawyer?" He cocked an eyebrow.

"No sir." I stated and he began to write down a number on a paper.

"She's seventeen." Asher stated and the officers mouth gaped. "Have a good day." He stated then we drove off.

"That was insane. Why the hell would you do that?" Asher laughed as he rolled up the window.

"We have rights. He had no warrant, no reason to pull you over, and no reason to believe anything was wrong. Plus he's not a real cop." I stated and he opened his mouth to speak. "I didn't do it for you. I did it so I wouldn't get caught hiding this fucking gun that I'm sure is unregistered." I stated holding up the black handgun.

Asher's eyes widened at the way I was holding it and he instantly reached over and grabbed it. He did some ninja ass moves and disarmed it before tossing the bullets on the ground, leaving me with the empty gun.

"Why do you have this, Asher? And why the heck did he call you Eric?"

"It's an alias." He shrugged nonchalantly. "How did you know he wasn't a cop?"

"I'm good at interrogating people. When he wouldn't show me his badge I knew he was a fraud." I shrugged and put my feet up on the dashboard as I twirled the gun in my hand. I've never held a real gun before.

"What the fuck?" I stated once I saw my house. "My mom and dad are there?"

"Want me to take you back to school?" He cocked an eyebrow and we drove past the house.  I scrunched my nose up, "Never mind, you can just come with me for a while."

"Ooo adventure. Where are we going?" I asked excitedly and he rolled his eyes.

"You're staying in the car."

I pouted, "Why?"

"Let's just say it involves that gun you're holding right now."

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