Chapter thirty five: It's gonna be a slumber party!

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Chapter thirty five: It's gonna be a slumber party!

"And...done!" She clapped her hands together and put the eyeliner down. She ended up doing my hair and makeup. I still have no clue as to what it looks like.

She spun me around and my mouth gaped. I didn't even look like me, my hair was about five inches shorter. The top of my hair was bleach blonde, as you went further down my head it went to a light blue, a dark blue, then a shade of purple and at the very tips; pink. She curled my hair up to my shoulders and gave me what she calls a 'dark mysterious, yet seductive' makeup look.

"Wow..." I said breathlessly.

"Do you like it?" Her eyes twinkled with excitement as I nodded.

"I love it!" I shrieked. She took some pictures of my hair then told me I didn't owe her anything since she was using my pictures.

I made my way down the street feeling more confident then ever. After about a half hour of walking, I made it to the warehouse where it was being held. I haven't been to this one yet. People were wandering inside and out and all sorts of cars revved their engines in the parking lot, waiting for their turn.

I approached the building and people seemed sort of intimidated by me.


"Oh damn.. mom is going to kill us." I heard Jude say to Will. I spun around and saw them, Blake and Damien talking against the back of the building.

I walked over and they all stared, mouths gaped. "Do you guys like it?" I asked.

Damien nodded, "It looks great, cupcake."

"I'm getting a bit of a Harley Quinn vibe." A deep voice slurred. I turned to see Asher, holding a bottle of Jack Daniels, looking like a complete mess.

"Asher are you okay?" My eyes widened. "You're not racing right?"

"This is mine." He pointed to the hoodie then grabbed hold of my shoulder as he stumbled. I grabbed his arm to steady him and he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and chugged down more jack Daniels. "Guys come on, I'm on in ten minutes." He turned me around with him and he led me towards the front of the crowd that was gathered around, waiting to watch Asher race some old guy.

"Asher you can't-" he turned pushed me against his gorgeous car and motioned for me to be quiet.

"Babe it's fine." He dragged out the 'fine'.

"Babe?" Jude and Will chorused in confusion then turned to Damien and Blake. Damien looked annoyed so Blake answered.

"They have a thing for each other but aren't officially a thing." I heard Blake respond.

Jude scoffed, "She wouldn't have told us if she liked someone."

My cheeks turned bright red and I turned to look away but Asher put a finger under my chin and turned me to look at him.

"It's not fine, Asher. You're as drunk as the old Charlie Sheen on St. Patrick's day." I said seriously. "You can't drive."

"I can drive." He said in a sing song voice and poked my face. I grabbed his hand and pushed it out of my face with a sigh.

"You're not driving. You guys were seriously going to let him drive like this?" I asked Damien and Blake.

"We tried but he insists he's going to do it. His dad has a lot of money on him winning this race, god knows what he'll do if he loses." Blake said, "So he's determined."

"Can't one of you just drive?" Jude asked them.

Asher let out a laugh, "No. I don't let them in my car, let alone behind the steering wheel."

"Wait..." Damien's eyes widened, "You can drive." He pointed to me. "He's let you drive it before, in a car chase might I add."

"No. She's not putting her life in danger because our dumb ass gang leader got drunk and is about to lose fourteen million dollars." Will glared harshly.

I nearly choked then looked up at Asher who was staring at my hair and twirling it in his hands. "Asher do you mind if I drive?" I grabbed both of his hands and he gave me a bewildered look.

"You can get hurt. Really hurt. I'm not risking that." He stated.

I pouted and gave him puppy dog eyes, "Then let one of the guys-"

"No I'll drive." He repeated getting agitated.

"You don't want me getting hurt. But you have more of a risk getting hurt than I do. You taught me how to drive the car, remember?" I said and he nodded. "So please, let me do this. You won't let your dad down, you'll get the money, and you won't get hurt. Please." I begged and he sighed.

"I'm staying in the car with you just in case." He mumbled and reached in, handing me a helmet. I scowled and he gave me a pointed look, "Hey, all the drivers wear one."

I slipped it on and climbed into the drivers seat, he sat in the passengers seat and I drove up to the starting line. I looked in the mirror and the guys were confused, trying to figure out who was in the car driving.

"Okay. This guy plays dirty. He's going to try and swipe the side of the car then blind-side you." He stated as his eyes fluttered between open and closed.

"How do I avoid it?" I asked him.

"Trick him into thinking he's in the lead. Let him get in front of you for a while then go to his right side and cross him going at full speed and he won't be able to compare."

I nodded and the man motioned for us to go. I let him have a head start then the car quickly jerked forwards. He had the lead for a while, then I did just as Asher said to. I saw him throw his hands up angrily as he began to speed up.

"Okay. Now carefully turn the wheel and slow down to about 150 miles per hour when we hit this corner, then press down on the gas." He ordered. I nodded and slowed down and made the sharp turn. I released my breath once I made the turn then pressed down on the gas completely.

"Nyoom." Asher yelled and I grinned as we crossed the finish line. I came to a halt and not even a minute later the man stopped and climbed out. Asher stepped out besides him and smirked.

"Who the fuck is driving? It's not him driving!" The man yelled.

"There's no rules against it." Asher stated.

"Who the fuck is that? What's his name?" He asked as I climbed out of the car. I pulled my helmet off and I swear to god everyone that was watching the race went into cardiac arrest at the sight of a girl behind the wheel.

"Her name is Ace." A deep voice chuckled and I saw Antonio. "And she's Carson's kid."

"Damn. Good job, kid. I'm pissed because I lost fourteen million to a teenager but you got a real future ahead of you if you continue on with these races." The guy said.

Asher scowled, "She's not getting involved in any of this shit anymore." He wrapped an arm around my shoulder and I held him walk over I Damien and Blake.

"I did a thing..." Jude looked panicked.

"What?" I sighed and ran a hand through my hair.

"They can't take him home like this because his parents are home and if they see them without him they'll get in trouble so...I told them we could let them stay the night since your mom is out.." Will said and my face dropped.

"It's gonna be a slumber party!" Asher yelled to me excitedly.

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