Chapter forty two: We find the defendant, guilty.

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Chapter forty two: We find the defendant, guilty.

"Nothing. It's none of them." I stated to Escobar over the phone.

He groaned, "Fucking hell."

"Yeah. That was my reaction too." I mumbled and ran a hand through my blonde hair. That's right. I'm back to blonde. I got annoyed with the rainbow hair never matching anything, so I went back to my natural color this morning. It's been two weeks since we've been looking for this guys. Nothing at all.

"Noah." Tyler said quietly and motioned for me to follow her. I sighed with a nod.

"Okay. I have court so I have to go. Call me with any updates." I stated and hung up. I turned my phone off and slipped it into my pocket before I joined my sisters and parents.

"Okay, you know the deal. Just explained everything that happened. If you need to stop, just stop. Okay?" ADA Barba said and I nodded and adjusted my sweater and pony tail.

We walked into the courtroom and sat down. My breath hitched when my eyes landed on him. Memories and screams flashed through my mind and I froze when he turned to look at me. A smirk made its way to his face and blew a kiss to me making my blood run cold. I felt nauseous as detective Stabler turned me in the opposite direction. I sat between my mom and Cameron, both of them held each of my hands reassuringly.

I tried to tear my eyes away from him but I couldn't. He was here. In the same room as me. He winked at me then said something to his lawyer. She was a completely different story. The lawyer sat in her crisp suit, her folded half-moon glasses bouncing up and down on her knee as she tapped her foot. Her two inch heel jostled in the stilted courtroom air, striking the wooden floor on every third bounce or so. By evening her black hair would fall loose and wavy to the small of her back, but here it was tied tightly into a bun. The only movements on her head were the large gold hoop earrings and the slow blinking of lids over eyes the same hue as the mahogany bench she was perched on. She tried to appear calm and collected, but that leg gave her away. She was nervous. She knew the truth; that he deserved to rot in hell. Yet she had to defend him.

The trial began and the theories that the defense offered up made me sick to my stomach. She said I wanted it. That it was my 'fetish' so he just played along. That I ran away with him and didn't want my family to know so I cried rape. What the hell kind of twisted person does that?

"The court calls Noah Gabriella Carson to the stand."

My mom gave my hand a reassuring squeeze. I stood up to my two feet and walked over to ada barba.

"Just be honest." He said as I sat in the wooden chair. My leg began to bounce under the table as the lawyer began to question me. Mostly about my past and my home life.

Ada Barba took his turn to question me, "Now Ms. Carson. Do you see the man who held you hostage in this room right now?" I nodded, "Can you point him out."

I held my hand out and shakily pointed it at him.

"Let the records show that our victim has identified forty three year old Patrick Weston."

Weston...that's it. He's the one who shot Christian. He must be related to my foster father. He said he had two adult sons. Lars and Patrick. It couldn't have been Patrick, he's been locked up so it had to have been Lars. As a warning to Christian to stay away from me. My foster father hated Christian. I mean despised, tried to kill him a few times. All because I liked him, and not my foster father.

This is all a sick twisted way to mess with my head and get revenge. They made it seem like they were after Christian. But it's not just him. They're after both of us.

"Now, Ms. Carson. Did you want this?" He said. I turned my head and looked at the slideshow of pictures he'd been showing the jury. There were pictures of the cell, where I was held, my wrists, ankles, face, bruises, cuts, everything. They had everything captured on camera.

"No." I stated shakily and Patrick winked at me before mouthing, 'you're mine'. "Stop it!" I screamed at him and everyone's heads turned to him. He held his hands up in defense with a smirk.

"Your honor." Barba stated incredulously, "The defense is trying-"

"I know. Control your client." She stated to his lawyer before turning back to ada barba.

After a few minutes of answering questions. I went back to my seat and continued to watch the trial. A few hours later after a recess, the jury was back with a decision.

They asked Patrick to stand and he did, as did the jury.

"How does the jury find the defendant for sexual assault in the first degree." The judge asked them.

"We find the defendant, guilty."

I let out a breath of relief and my mom began crying tears of joy.

They continued to list off all the charges and he was found guilty for every single charge.

It was over. He was in jail for life. And I didn't have to worry about any of my friends being hurt anymore.

It's all over.

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