Chapter fourteen: Is this considered Netflix and...chill?

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Chapter fourteen: Is this considered Netflix and...chill?

I walked into the house and tossed my bag down besides the door.

"Sorry I'm late, I had to talk with Mr. Woods about getting my partner switched." I lied through my teeth as I walked into the kitchen.

Everyone was silently grinning at me, I knitted my eyebrows together then I turned around and let out a scream at the sight of Jude.

"What the hell?" I yelled and basically lunged into his arms. He twirled me around hugged me, when I pulled away, I turned my parents.

"How is he here?" I asked and dad held a hand up sheepishly. My smile faded a little at the sight of him but I kept it plastered on and hugged Jude again.

"I'm going to be 'shadowing' you at school for the next two weeks." He grinned excitedly and I squealed before hugging him again. I ran over to my dad and hugged him before giving my mom a hug too.

"Did you guys know about this?" I asked my sisters and they nodded with laughs.

"It's been hard keeping the secret." Tyler admitted.

"Same for me, hence why I haven't been calling lately." Jude laughed lightly.

"Well come on, sit down! It's time for dinner!" Mom giggled.

"Yes. I've missed moms food." Jude grinned. We've been friends for so long we call each other's moms 'mom' since they've basically been our second moms.

"Well I missed you!" I slapped him playfully and sat down besides him. "So are you starting school tomorrow or Monday?"

"Tomorrow." He grinned excitedly. We hurried up and ate our food then rushed to my room and instantly began talking about what's been happening since I left.

"So- this Rhiannon chick is taking my place?" He scoffed and covered his heart, "Hurt."

"Never." I stated matter of factly.

"Is that..." he trailed motioning to my hoodie.

I nodded, "Yes it's Chase's, but I'm wearing it for inspiration."

He snorted, "Yea okay. You're so in love with him still."

"I am not." I stated then reached for my keyboard and placed it on my lap. I began playing the song, "You'd probably think I was psychotic, if you knew...What I still got in my closet...sad but true. Slip it on over my shoulders. Something I'll never get over. It makes me feel a little bit closer to you. I can't keep your love. I can't keep your kiss. Gave you everything and all I got was this." A grin made its way to Jude's face, "I'm still rocking your hoodie and chewing on the strings. It makes me think about you so I wear it when I sleep I kept the broken zipper. And cigarette burns, still rocking your hoodie baby, even though it hurts." I sang and he let out a laugh.

"Okay okay. Fair enough." He laughed holding his hands up in defense. "If you ever saw Chas again, what would you do?"

"I don't know, honestly." I admitted, "My brain would like explode, not knowing what to do and my heart would be a mess with all these unresolved feelings. You know?"

"Yeah." He stated and my phone dinged with a message. I leaned back on my bed and looked at it.

From: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Received: 5:44 pm

To: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Sent: 5:45 pm

"What's wrong?" Jude asked and I shrugged as we stared at my phone waiting for a response.

From: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Received: 5:48 pm

To: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Sent: 5:48 pm

From: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Received: 5:49 pm

To: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Sent: 5:50 pm

From: Rhi-nocerous 🦏
Received: 5:50 pm
SQUEEEE brb he's back

"I'm sorry but that's fucking cute." Jude stated and I agreed.

"They're so cute together. He's so sweet to her and she's so happy and it makes me happy seeing her happy and when I'm happy she's happy and we end up in a big bundle of happiness." I gushed. Jude smiled at me weirdly. "What?"

"You're so pure it's adorable." He stated with a light laugh. "Especially when you ramble."

"I am not. I don't even make sense when I talk. At this point, I'm just spouting nonsense 99.9% of the time, why be comprehensible when you can just be mad and not mad as in angry but mad as in loony mad as in Hatter." I purposely rambled making him laugh. "This is poetry, poetry isn't science who the fuck cares about facts and numbers? Bleed on the page the masses will come maybe not the masses you're trying to draw in but honey and ants honey and bees honey and cockroaches you'll have an army someday have fun."

By this point he was doubled over at my dramatic words.

"You're something else, ace."

I scowled at the nickname and reached over for my secret candy stash. I pulled it up and he opened up Netflix on his laptop.

"Is this considered Netflix and...chill?" My dad popped his head in and tossed a tub of ice cream and spoons in.

Jude died laughing and I cringed.

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