Chapter twenty: Aunt Cheryl's nasty deviled eggs.

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Chapter twenty: Aunt Cheryl's nasty deviled eggs.

I sat in the passenger seat, typing away on my phone as I edited a poetry book I was writing on wattpad while the guys were inside some house. Once again, I'd been dragged along.

"Hello?" I answered my phone. It was Tyler. I'd been ignoring Jude and the guys. I couldn't deal with talking to them right now. I know it's not their fault but still.

"Hey! So um- wait here's mom." She stated then I heard shuffling.

"Hello?" Mom said over the sounds of other cars.

"Mom? Where are you guys?" I asked curiously. I swear if they went out to eat without me, again. I'm going to be mad.

"Honey your grandmother had a heart attack so we left last night and are on our way to Texas."

"W-what is she okay?" I put my feet down and was instantly on alert.

"We don't know." She sighed, "We packed and drove down, I didn't even think to pick you up
since you were at Rhiannon's. Look- we're going to be gone for a week, maybe two. Do you think Darcy would let you stay there with them? I just don't want you being alone."

"What about Jude?" I shook my head in confusion even though she couldn't see.

"We've decided to just drive him back with us right now. Actually you know what, can you just put her on the phone right now?"

"Oh- Rhiannon and I went out for some lunch..." I said awkwardly.

"Alright. Can you text me Darcy's number and I'll call her?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said.

"Okay I have to go honey, I love you and I'll call you later."

"Okay. Tell me how grandma is, love you too. Bye." I stated then hung up. I searched through my contacts then realized I don't have her number. "Fuck." I mumbled just as the guys jumped in the car. Asher wasted no time and drove off. Bullets were being shot at us and my heart stopped.

"Fucking hell." Asher grumbled and rolled down the windows. The guys stuck there heads out and began shooting too.

They have guns too?

I mean...they're in a gang so it makes sense...

A minute later, they climbed back in and rolled the windows up. We lost them. I sighed and continued looking through my phone.

"She's not even phased?" Damien asked Asher incredulously.

He shrugged, "She went with me to get the money from Jamal."

The exchanged weird looks but didn't say anything.

"Blake!" I said and he jumped nearly having a heart attack.

"Noah!" He yelled with a glare as we drove off to where my car was left.

"What's Darcy's number?" I asked curiously then realized she and Rhiannon were gone for two more weeks. "Fuck nevermind."

I dialed Tyler's number and after a few rings she picked up. "Orange?"

I scowled, "Get your own phrase. Give the phone to mom." She muttered something then my mom was on the phone. "Mom I completely forgot, Rhiannon and Darcy are leaving for Puerto Rico tonight."

The guys gave me a weird look but I ignored them, "Damn it. Would you be willing to stay with the Valentines?"

"Ew. God no Farrah is the devil." I said instantly and she sighed. "Mom I'll be fine home alone for a few weeks. I have dads car and I have some cash along with dads card." I added.

"I know, I just don't feel comfortable leaving you alone like that. I mean, what if one of those boys your father warned me about shows up? I mean isn't that Asher kid your partner? What if he follows you home and rapes and kills you or something? Rumor has it that he's involved with mayhem."

I rolled my eyes, "Mother Asher isn't going to follow me home then proceed to rape and murder me. And I highly doubt he has any affiliation to mayhem."

Their eyes all snapped to me and they stared at me intently as if wondering what was going on.

"Okay but your father-"

"I don't care what dad says, mom. He's not going to follow me home and murder me." I cut her off in annoyance. "I'm seventeen, I don't need a babysitter. It's not like I'm going to be throwing a party. My only friend is leaving the country." I deadpanned.

"Promise me you'll keep the doors locked at all times?" She asked hesitantly. "And no one is allowed over. No matter what. I don't care if it's the police. No one but you inside the house."

"Yes mother, I promise that when I'm sitting there on the couch bleeding out from Asher killing me, I won't let the paramedics in." I stated sarcastically.

"Stop with the sass miss thing." I knew she rolled her eyes as she used my nickname. "Call me every morning before and after school. And before you go to bed."

"Mom it's winter break..." I stated and I heard her gasp.

"You're right! Oh my god! You're going to be alone for Christmas-"

"Mom. Stop. I'm sure I'll be fine not wearing light up Christmas sweaters and aunt Cheryl's nasty deviled eggs." I cut her off. "I'll be fine alone, mom. I promise."

"Okay honey...I love you."

"I love you too mom, drive safe." I sighed and the line went dead.

I didn't even realize Christmas was so close...

"Are you okay?" Blake asked softly, not knowing what was going on.

I snapped out of my daze, "Yeah. I'm good. Thank you." I said as we came to a halt besides my car. Asher tossed me my keys as I climbed out. It was freezing and I was wearing the dress I had on last night. "Have a good Christmas guys." I smiled softly then climbed into the car. I plugged my phone into the charger once I turned the ignition on.

I let the car warm up and I sat there waiting for it to warm up as the song 'I'll find you' by lecrae came on.

I rested my head against the headboard and let out a shaky breath as a single tear escaped my eye. I turned my head and saw that all the guys were still there, staring at me.

I gave them a curt wave before I began to drive off.

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