Chapter twenty three: Damsel in distress.

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Chapter twenty three: Damsel in distress.

"Yeah, mom. I'm just going out with Ryland and Aiden." I lied straight through my teeth as I made it to the bottom of the stairs.

"Okay, be safe honey. Love you."

"I will, love you." I stated and she hung up the phone. I sighed and looked up. There were six pairs of wide eyes on me.

"Guys this is Noah." Jace motioned to me, "Ace this is Zander, Eric, Quint, Weston, and Luca. They're all sixteen too."

"Great I'm the grandma." I mumbled and they all laughed. I was just glad to see that not every fucking teenager besides my sisters, Rhiannon and I all had sleeves of tattoos.

"You're only a year older." Jace snorted and I shrugged.

"Damn Jace. God how the fuck did he manage to get you in bed with him?" Luca let out a whistle and I rolled my eyes.

"You told them?" I asked Jace and he threw his hands up in defense.

"Look at you. A guys gotta brag man." He stated and I shook my head and we turned to go out the door but Brittany; his mom stopped us.

"Where are you all going?" She cocked an eyebrow and crossed her arms. "And why are you stealing your brothers friend?"

"Okay she was my friend first." Jace pointed out, "And we're just going to the beach."

"Yeah I don't think so. We can't afford all of you boys getting sick right now." She stated and all of us let out a collective groan. "Oh waa waa." She rolled her eyes at us. "Go do something here, watch a movie or something." She stated and we all sighed. I followed the guys down the hall into an empty living room.

We all began to peel out of our jackets and shoes; tossing them wherever before we all sat ourselves down somewhere. I ended up laying upside down half on and half off the couch while the guys all argued over a movie. Eventually, they decided on fucking doing karaoke instead.

I'm not complaining, this is absolutely amusing. Two hours later, I haven't stopped laughing.

A group of girls, all in tight black dresses walked in with guns in their hands and the guys went silent.

"Where are the hot ones?" The girl in the center sighed, flipping her long brown hair.

"Top floor." Weston said quietly and they nodded before leaving. "God I hate them."

"They're fine as fuck, but they're such bitches." Quint shook his he's in disgust.

"Taylor is obsessed with Asher. They slept together a few times I'm pretty sure but she thinks that gives her authority or something." Eric said to me.

"Yeah for real, it's not like they're together or something." Zander said in annoyance.

"Who were they?" I found myself asking curiously.

"Those are the black bullets. The only girls in Mayhem besides our moms. Mostly it's the husband or boyfriend or brother or something that joins the gang, these girls were born into it and joined on their thirteenth birthdays. Taylors the 'leader' of them. The strongest female and the best sharp shooter of them all. Plus she's the hottest of them so she basically claimed the group as her own. She's been around since we were little, Asher, and Damien used to be best friends with her, then they met Blake and sort of pushed her out. They're all still close, just not as close as they once were." Jace explained.

"She seems like a bitch." I stated and shoved more m & m's into my mouth.

"She is. I think she's intimidated by you already. She heard that Asher's been hanging around some girl and has already shit talked you." Zander said, "At least that's what Molly told me."

"Is Molly in her little group?" I asked and he nodded.

"Molly is one of the nice ones. Molly, Sierra, and Betty. They're Taylor's best friends. The rest of them are just as bitchy as Taylor." Eric sighed.

"Why do they hang out with her then?" I cocked an eyebrow and they all shrugged not knowing the answer.

"I'm going to recommend you start learning how to fight and shoot a gun." Jace piped up.

"Why?" My eyes widened.

"Well you're friends with Asher, Damien and Blake...Asher's a gang could be a target.." Jace said knitting his eyebrows together. "Rhiannon's a target too. Why do you think Blake is so protective over her?"

"Is that why Lars threatened me, Rhiannon and my family?" I asked and he nodded.

"That's what I assumed. I mean he sent Asher a message that's how I knew to go to the race that day. Asher paid him off."

My mouth gaped, "What? How much?"

"A lot." Was all he said.

My jaw clenched and I stood up. "Come on Jace." I grabbed his hand.

"Where are we going?" He asked as we ran up the stairs and onto the top floor. I opened the door to the small shooting range and his mouth gaped. "Noah..."

"Jace I'm from the south, one of my favorite activities is hunting. I know how to shoot a Mossberg MVP Light Chassis Rifle, a Nosler M48 Patriot, the Remington Model Seven LS. A Ruger M77 Hawkeye FTW Predator and a Sauer 404 Elegance. The only thing I don't know how to shoot is a handgun. So don't worry, you're not dealing with a completely clueless blonde. Just teach me how to work with a handgun." I stated angrily.

He threw his hands up with a sigh. "Okay."

"Thank you, Jace. I'm just sick of everyone protecting me. I want to be able to protect myself."

"I understand. You don't want to be a damsel in distress." He stated and walked to the other side of the room then came back with a shot gun.

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