Chapter six: Small world indeed.

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Chapter six: Small world indeed.

"Mom you're not serious right." Blake asked with wide eyes as he stared at his little sister. "She's wearing a crop top!"

"She's a teenage girl, and she's going out. Let her have her fun." Darcy rolled her eyes.

"Come on Darcy, you don't even know anything about this girl! For all we know she's a prostitute! I mean look at her!" Damien shouted crossing his arms. They'd been bugging us all day, asking us about where we're going and they flipped when Darcy said we could go out tonight.

"Don't call my friend a prostitute jerk. She's not even wearing anything revealing." She motioned to my outfit. She had a point, I wasn't revealing anything at all. In fact I had on black ripped skinny jeans, a grey long sleeved v-neck with a white tank top under it. Over the shirt I had on a red flannel with the sleeves ripped off and a silver vest and combat boots. Literally nothing was showing.

"Okay but she still gives off the 'sexy bad girl' vibe which is going to draw guys to her and you're going to be with her which means that guys will look at you and be drawn to you which means she'll pawn off the guys onto you which means you're the prostitute now which means she's your pimp and next thing you know you're going to be walking the streets blowing guys off for a sloppy twenty bucks!" Blake yelled and we all stared in amusement.

"Okay honey that's a bit of a stretch. They're going to be fine." Darcy rolled her eyes, concealing her laughter then turned to me. "I'm sorry honey, it's the first time she's ever gone out to an actual party without Blake with her."

I shook my head understandingly, "I get it. I normally never go anywhere without my sisters or my friend Jude."

A car honked outside, it was Antonio.

"Your rides here." Darcy grinned, "Go. Have fun. Be back by two." She ushered us out the door. We giggled and walked out, the guys following us.

I noticed Asher leaning against the garage smoking, staring at the car with narrowed eyes.

"How much do you know about this guy?" He  asked suspiciously. I didn't respond then walked towards the car.

"We could so be getting kidnapped right now, but honestly, I couldn't care less." Rhiannon whispered and I snorted.

"I doubt they're going to kidnap us. And if they did they'd just return us for being so annoying." I laughed lightly as the window rolled down.

"Long time no see, ace." A thick Italian voice spoke from the car. Instantly, the guys heads all snapped towards the car. Blake's eyes widened in horror as Rhiannon climbed in the back seat and I climbed in the passenger seat.

"Rhiannon! Rhiannon get out-" Blake began to run up to us but it was to late. Antonio drove off.

"Ace?" Rhiannon cocked an eyebrow.

"I don't know, if you can get him to explain the nickname then let me know." I stated with a light laugh. The first time I met him he started calling me ace.

"We're going to pick up my little brother, is that cool?" He asked and we nodded.  I never knew he had a little brother. Then again I don't talk to him much.

"So how did you meet Jude?" Rhiannon asked curiously. "I mean you look like you're in your early twenties, right?"

"Twenty two." He stated and she nodded. "I met him at a race, actually. I was up against him."

"Wait, what? Jude races?" I asked in confusion and he waved his hand indicating 'sort of'.

"He doesn't do it often. Rarely. Only when he needs money for his mom."

"What happened to his mom?" Rhiannon asked me.

"She's has stage four cancer." I sighed sadly, "She has a tumor in her brain and he's been trying to get enough money to pay for it since the insurance won't cover the surgery."

"Oh my god that's awful." She said softly as we pulled up to an apartment. The doors popped open and instantly three guys climbed in besides Rhiannon.

"Sorry bro, I brought my friends." The boy who looked a little bit younger than me laughed lightly then turned to Rhiannon and his mouth gaped. "Holy..." her cheeks turned bright red and I felt a grin make its way to my face. "I'm Aiden. I'm fifteen...this is Xavier and Ryland. They're sixteen and seventeen."

"Yes. Another person my age. Up top homie." I held my hand out to Ryland. He laughed but highfived me back.

"At least I'm not the only one who hangs out with losers." He said and I nodded with a shrug.

"Nope. Then again I am a loser too so.." I stated and he flashed a smile. God he's actually really cute. He has a bit of a baby face. He's got jet black hair and bright blue eyes. He wore a grey beanie and a leather jacket with chains on it.

"So...on a scale from one to ten how badly do you guys actually want to go to this race? I say we ditch and just go to Rose's diner." Aiden stated and of course Rhiannon agreed. We all shrugged really not caring and Antonio sighed.

"Rose's it is." He turned the car around and a few minutes later we were at a small diner. "I have to run an errand then I'll be back in like two hours." He sighed as we all climbed out.

"Thank you." I smiled at Antonio. He nodded then drove off.

"So, what school do you guys go to?" Ryland asked curiously as we walked side by side behind everyone.

"John Adams high." I stated, "I just started there Friday and Rhiannon's the only friend I've made."

"Oh damn, you're our schools enemy school." He laughed, "We all go to Riverside. Except Tony obviously." He added as we walked into the basically deserted diner.

"Are you guys sure this place is open?" Rhiannon asked cautiously as she slid into the booth besides Aiden and Xavier.

"Very sure. We come here every night. She's just really old, can't keep the place as shining as it used to be." Xavier explained and we all nodded. As if on cue, an elderly woman walked over to our table.

"Hey boys!"

"Hi Ms. Rose." They chorused together politely.

"I see you brought some friends." She flashed a smile, "I'm Rose."

"I'm Noah," I introduced myself with a smile. She's so cute and old.

"I'm Rhiannon."

"Well it's a pleasure to meet y'all. Are you from the south, dear?" She asked me curiously.

"Yes ma'am, born and raised in Texas." I said and the guys all looked impressed.

"Really now? Me too! Which part?" She cocked an eyebrow.


"Well I'll be damned." She chuckled, "I grew up there as well! You look like this woman I went to high school with. Her name was Magda."

My face lit up, "Magda Carson?"


"That's my grandma." I let out a light laugh. "That's so weird."

"What a wonderful woman she was back when we were younger." She chuckled, "Small world."

"Small world indeed." I nodded.

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