Chapter thirty seven: Who's blood is it?

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Chapter thirty seven: Who's blood is it?

I grinned at the paper I'd printed. Directions to the auto shop. I turned the computer off then ran into the room and jumped onto dampens back.

"Woah, what's up cupcake?" He laughed and I brought my arms in front of his face, showing him the directions. "What's this?"

Ignoring the looks I got from everyone I jumped down excitedly, "He has to be here. He's always wanted to go to New York and this is his uncles shop. There's no where else he would've gone."

He knitted his brows together, "This Christian guy?"

I nodded and instantly Jude and Will froze. "You're looking for Christian?"

"Who's Christian?" Asher asked as he and Blake approached us.

Will grabbed my arm, "You can't be serious."

"Why the fuck are you looking for him? He broke you." Jude growled.

I glared, "I'm not broken. And yes. I need to talk to him about what happened."

"It was three years ago." Jude exasperated, "Why can't you just forget it? Just drop it? Why, Noah?"

"You're really willing to fall down this rabbit hole again? You know he's just going to break your heart again." Will said softly.

"I'm not looking for him to get back together with him." I stated firmly and my eyes fell on Asher. "I'm over him. Way over him."

"Noah we have to talk." Asher said with a yawn.  I opened my mouth to retort but he already linked our hands and was dragging me up the stairs.

"Asher I really don't want to- what are you doing?" I asked when he closed my bedroom door behind me.

"Are you and Damien together?"

My mouth gaped, "What? No. Why?"

"It sure looked like it the way you jumped in on  him and the way he called you cupcake. What the fuck kind of a nickname is cupcake?" He mumbled and snaked his arms around my waist and pulled me closer to him. "You're mine."

I cocked an eyebrow, "What? I'm my own person for one and two we haven't even spoken in-" he cut me off by pressing his lips against mine. I was taken back but eventually kissed him back.

I realized what I was doing and pulled away from him, "You're drunk, and you have a girlfriend."

"You're right, I do." He pulled me closer again, "You."

My cheeks turned bright red, "Taylor-"

"Is bisexual and has a girlfriend." He finished and my mouth gaped. "She just pretends to be into me so no one suspects anything. And she's actually not a bitch either." He added.

"I'm so confused." I blurted and he shrugged.

"Don't be," he tucked my hair behind my ear, "Just know that you're my girl, and no one else's. Okay?"

I didn't know how to respond, he put his forehead against mine and our breaths mingled. "Okay."

He pressed his lips against my own and I stumbled back a bit. He laid me down my bed and we well. Did the deed.

After about an hour, he sat up but stopped and sat up in confusion when he saw the pictures I'd left on the bottom of my bed. He sat on the side of the bed staring at one of them. I sat up and wrapped my arms around him, placing my head in the crook of his neck.

"You seem happy." He stated.

"I was. Everything was...normal." I admitted.

"This Christian?" He asked and I nodded. "Why're you looking for him?"

"To talk about things." I simply stated.

"What kind of things?" His jaw clenched.

I sighed, "Why we broke up." I took the picture from him, "I need him to know I forgive him."

"Do you still have feelings for him?"
I shook my head no. "Why'd you breakup?"

I let out a shaky breath and he pulled me into his lap to face him. "He did things to me. I forgave him because he was really drunk but he didn't forgive himself."

He tightened his grip on my waist and glared at the picture. "He looks so old compared to you. What is he? Twenty in this?" He took the picture from my hands.

"Seventeen." I took it from his hands with a scowl and tossed it back into the box. I reached over and Asher's lap and piled all the pictures into the box; knowing there were some interesting pictures.

"Woah woah woah. I want to see." Asher stated realizing how fast I was pushing them away.

"No-" my cheeks tinged pink as he began to file through the pictures.

"Holy...who the hell took this?" He asked bewildered. "And how recent were they?"

My head burrowed into his chest as my cheeks inflamed. "I take them."

"For who?" He made me look up at him.

"Just to take pictures. Photography. I don't know and Chase saw them."

His mouth gaped, "You took these yourself?" I nodded, "Have you ever thought about being a photographer?"

I shook my head no, "It's sort of a secret hobby. Hence why they're all thrown in a box."

"Taking almost nude pictures is a secret hobby?" He asked eyes wide. I snatched the picture of me with a black lace bra on and rose between my teeth away from him. "Woah..."

I looked down at what he was looking at and I sighed. "I took those after Christian."

"These are...powerful." He stated in complete shock. "What'd you use to make the blood and bruises to look so..real?"

"It is real." I admitted and his eyes snapped to mine.

"What? Who's blood is it?" He said hoping it wasn't mine. But it was.

"Mine." He looked furious with me, "Asher I was in a really bad place."

"Do you still-"

"No." I stated before he finished his sentence. He was visibly relieved and he kissed my knuckles before placing the box on the ground and laying back.

I rested my head on his chest and listened to the soft rhythmic beat of his heart as he twirled my hair in his fingers.

"Your mom is going to kill you when she sees your hair." He said and I giggled. "I like it though."

"Thanks." I sighed as I drew maps across his chest. He shivered and I cocked an eyebrow.

"It's cold. I like sleeping with the air off." He defended himself.

"What? I need it on." I snorted and he shook his head.


"I'm sorry that I enjoy not sleeping in the scolding heat." I grumbled as he pulled the blanket up.

"Ha.Ha." He rolled his eyes and slung an arm around me. "Sleep."

"Don't tell me what to do." I grumbled.

"Sleep." He ordered and I sighed caving in to his orders.

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