Chapter two: I'll hit you faster than you can blink.

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Chapter two: I'll hit you faster than you can blink.

It sounded like a freaking disco for the anti-Christ. This alarm. This goddamned fucking alarm wouldn't shut up.

"My God!" I yelled as I climbed out of bed and threw this small clock to the ground angrily. I huffed and went over to the closet, grabbing a pair of skinny jeans a white blouse and my leather jacket to change into. I got dressed before I stormed out of my room and into the bathroom; cutting the line of my sisters completely.

"Noah!" Cameron and Tyler whined.

"Oh, bite me." I snapped before slamming the door shut in there faces. I like school, I just don't like the waking up part of it.

I used the bathroom and washed my hands before applying mascara and some perfume after I'd dragged a brush through my rats nest. I walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later and instantly they rushed in.

I grumbled in annoyance as I grabbed socks from my drawer before I made my way down stairs. I sat on the couch with a huff.

"Stupid dumb useless butt-sucking alarm clock." I muttered angrily as I pulled on my socks and converse before I walked over to the kitchen table and greedily grabbed a waffle and began munching on it.

"Jesus Christ, Noah. Are you on your-"

My mom stopped him just in time and I glared at him as if I were daring him to continue. "Noah loves school. She's just not a morning person. She's like this literally every morning."

"What are you doing here?" I asked my dad with narrowed eyes.

"Wanted to be here for your first day." He shrugged.

"But she's way worse today." Tyler stated as she walked into the kitchen wearing a pink skirt, a white blouse, a sweater and heels. She had on a whole clown car of makeup and diamond earrings in.

"It's cause it's a new school." Mom defended me. "Now eat up. You have a big day ahead of you." She urged us.

I nearly fell asleep on the table but I was shook and told to get up. With a sigh, I grabbed my black backpack and we all began to walk side by side down the street to the new school which was a few blocks away.

"I'm so nervous." Cameron admitted as she chewed her fingernails.

"Please Cam, you can become friends with anyone. I'm excited to try out for the cheerleading team." Tyler flashed a smile. "I'm excited. Not for anything in specific, just excited. A new school. A new start."

Cameron adjusted her crop top under her jean jacket. "Me too, Ty. What about you Noah?"

They turned to me and I shrugged, "Same classes, new student body that I will ignore and they will ignore me."

"Maybe not.." Tyler's eyes widened and we all looked up. Nearly everyone who was outside of the campus stopped and stared.

"Ah the perks of being the new kids." I grumbled and they cracked a grin.

We ignored them and walked into the school, where more people noticed us. Whispers about us we're officially abuzz. Yay.

"Okay. We're going to go. You'll be okay?" Tyler asked me. I nodded and watched them run over to the group of cheerleaders and football players.

I sighed and walked down the hall to find my locker. "Two twenty one..two..Yes!" I whispered and attempted to unlock it. It took me a few attempts but I finally managed to get it. I took the books I didn't need yet out of my bag to make it lighter and put them in the bright blue locker.

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