Chapter 12: Meeting The New Family

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What I saw in the kitchen had my blood boil, there is an unfamiliar male wolf standing in my kitchen working with my sterilized daycare utensils without a glove. One thing I am so sure about the male wolves is that they are far from hygienic and this guy here is using my sterilized utensils without a glove.

"Oh..Oh.. this guy is in trouble", River, my wolf, said sensing my disgust and anger.

"He sure is," I confirmed her.


Tina's P.O.V :

                                "Excuse me!", I made no effort to hide the hostility from my voice to the stranger in my kitchen. His shoulders became tense and he turned around cautiously, he is on full alert. "Do you mind telling me what you are doing in MY kitchen working with MY sterilized utensils for MY pack daycare WITHOUT any glove?" I asked giving overall look, he is about 6 feet tall with dirty blond hair and chocolate brown eyes, he is well built and muscular like every other  werewolf, I can sense power radiating from him but not as strong as for an Alpha or a Beta so might be a Gamma, third in command, or a Delta, fourth in command.

                          He raised his hands up and bowed his head as in surrender probably by sensing the alpha in me when I don't respond he look up and smiled at me but I am so pissed up at him to be polite to him. No one mess with my stuff, whether it is an acquaint or a stranger.

"Hi, I am Jace, Delta of Shadow Knight pack", he said offering me his hand to shake, but he withdraws it fast when he heard me growl.

"That is not a good explanation for why you are in my kitchen?" I growled.

"Well.. that. see... We have a little girl with us and she is hungry and throwing one of her tantrums upstairs as we speak." he said with a frown, but smiled at the end I think remembering the little girl. I softened when I heard they have a little girl with them and that he is just trying to fix her food.

"Where is her mother? She would have known how to fix a bottle or at least could have breastfed her, what is a delta doing in this kitchen?", I asked curiosity evident in my voice.

"Her mother is not currently in the picture. We don't have any female other than Lizabeth with us from our pack, she is busy with her mate and will kick my ass if I disturb her now. I couldn't find any ladies from this pack to help me, so I thought to fix a bottle myself but as you can see I am just making a mess here. That pup is so choosy with her food and the Alpha is going to kill me if we don't make her stop in at least half an hour, she is crying for about an hour now." , he rubbed her hands on his face out of frustration, I felt sorry for him. One universal truth is that no unmated wolf is good with raising a child or fix a bottle, those skills come with the role of a father only.

"How old is she?", I asked as I made my way to the refrigerator allotted for the daycare to retrieve one of the bottles I have made and stored earlier that day for the babies in the pack.

"She is around one year and some two months," he said and I took a bottle for one-year-olds.

"What did she had for breakfast and lunch?", I asked him to know whether she will need anything else as well.

"Milk!", he replied.

"and.." I asked now facing him.

"Milk. That's it.",he just shrugged.

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