Chapter 11: The visit

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"Though lovers be lost, love shall not; And death shall have no dominion."

-Dylan Thomas


Tina's P.O.V :

I walk in through the cemetery gate with a bouquet of red roses in my hands. I am here to see my mate, with the promise I made to my parents I don't know how long I will be able to visit him like this. I  visit him every weekend and whenever my mind is restless, today is one such occasion. I would have come here every day if I could and spend every living second with him on this cold ground but my job kept me busy during the weekdays.

I am in charge of the pack daycare now. I love kids and wanted to have a dozen of them, having a big family is a dream both me and Mike shared, but with him gone that's a dream that will never come true along with all the others.

"Hi, Mikey. How are you doing?", I asked him as I got near his grave. "I know its early for a visit but I missed you so much, I know you do too. Abel and Cal are coming home with their mates today. We are throwing a party tonight to welcome them back and to introduce their mates to the pack."

"Do you remember our party? That was one of the best days of my life, I still remember all the smiles and dances.", a smile made its way to my lips when I remembered my first dance with my mate, " I told you about Liza and Alice, right? Finally, I am going to meet my sister-in-law's today, I am so excited."

I continued talking to my mate about my brothers mates, Tom, kids in the daycare, my students in the training session and everything that is going on in the pack as I  cleaned his grave removing old dried flower bouquets, half burnt candles probably from his parents and siblings and little weeds. I do this all the time, coming here every weekend and talking to him is the only thing that kept me insane, I am not yet ready to let him go to accept that he is not here anymore.

          After cleaning I placed the rose bouquet on his grave and sat next to him placing my forehead on the headstone and put my hands on my lap open and palm facing upwards. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply, I could feel him near me like a gentle breeze surrounding me. I could feel him sitting beside me, leaning closer to me with our foreheads touching, intertwining his fingers with mine as we always did. I can sense my wolf calling out for her mate, her grief along with mine is so overwhelming, a single stray drop of tears trickled down my cheek as I stayed like that close to my mate.

"You know, our parents are forcing me to agree to an arranged marriage. Today mom and dad talked to me about that again, they are begging me to agree to it." I sniffled as I continued talking, "I have been watching them crying over me all these years, I tried my best to make them understand what is my real happiness but they don't. I can't fight anymore with them, I had enough of it, so I agreed with them today. I told them to look for a suitor. But I am scared Mike, I don't know whether I or my wolf will be able to accept him let alone love him. What if I screw up? What if the past repeats? Did I take the right decision, sweetheart? You were always there to help me with my life and decisions, please help me with the most important decision in my life."

Everything is quiet for some time, an eerie feeling crept into the cemetery. Then it came, a gentle breeze it played with my hair, kissed my neck and forehead, hugging me closer as if telling everything is alright and I made the right decision.  That is all I could take, I broke down, I cried, I screamed, I sobbed over his grave hugging it. I cried for him to come back, shouted at him for leaving me alone, begged him to take me with him, at the end of all these when I calmed down I slipped into sleep or to a state of unconsciousness.

I wake up with a startle and find myself at the cemetery near my mate's burial place, everything came flooding into my mind, telling him about the decision, the breeze and the breakdown and I sighed at least I didn't have another panic attack. It is already evening now, the sun is already moving down the horizon giving the sky a red and orange glow, I know it will be dark soon and I have to get home before the darkness fall. Suddenly the warrior in me came to life, what is it that woke me up? I heard some more rustling from the mouth of the cemetery, I jumped up and stoop in fighting stance, I sniffed the air and relaxed when I inhaled the familiar scent of Uncle Josh, Mike's father, I looked up in time to see him walking towards me.

"Celestina", he called out as he got closer to me, "Bella told me you will be here. Its getting dark dear, you should head home now, everyone is getting worried."

"I kind of dozed off here, I was about to leave when you came," replied him and looked over at Mike's one last time.

"Your brothers are here, they are getting impatient and are about run here with me, but Alpha stopped them saying you won't like it if you are disturbed when you are with Michael. You don't mind me coming here, do you?"

"No Uncle Josh, this is your son's grave after all", I regretted making that comment the moment I  see the glint of hidden tears in his eyes. Uncle Josh is a strong man, never even once I saw him break down, I know where ever he is Mike is feeling so proud of his dad.

"I am sorry", I mumbled.

"It is alright dear. By the way, your father told me about your decision, I am glad that you agreed. Both your mother and Aunt Catherine is excited about it, seems like they already started looking for a suitor.", he chuckled and continued, " I know Mike will be happy as well, with your decision, the only thing he ever wanted in his life was your happiness, your smiles made him smile. When you were a baby he used to sit with you all day sometime just to see you smile. Whenever he gets back after visiting you he wouldn't stop talking how Tiny Tina smiled when she saw him. It was like his world revolved around you. He wanted to be your hero, your knight in shining armor from his mother's bedtime stories. You were his princess." he smiled at the memories of his son's childhood antics. " You are my daughter as much as you are Lucas's, your mate's parents are your parents as well. We all want to see you happy, and have a family for us that will be our son's family."

"Thanks, uncle Josh, these words meant a lot to me", I walked over to him and hugged him tight and he reciprocated.

"Now you better run along, patience is not one of your brothers' virtue," he said giving me a light push.

I walked out of the cemetery, I undressed behind a tree and morphed into my white wolf, My wolf has grown in size and strength with time and all the training, her beauty also increased and her confidence as well. Taking my dress into her mouth she pushed forward eager to meet her brothers.

       Once I reached near the packhouse, I shifted back to my human, got dressed and walked in through the front door. I glanced at the mirror in the foyer to make sure I don't have tear stain on my face. I have to sneak into my room before getting caught by Bella or my mom, I am way too late. I heard some noise from the kitchen as I made my to my room, I decided to check that out wondering who is in the kitchen at this time, everyone should be getting ready for the party.

   What I saw in the kitchen had my blood boil, there is an unfamiliar male wolf standing in my kitchen working with my sterilized daycare utensils without a glove. One thing I am so sure about the male wolves is that they are far from hygienic and this guy here is using my sterilized utensils without a glove.

"Oh..Oh.. this guy is in trouble", River, my wolf, said sensing my disgust and anger.

"He sure is." I confirmed her.


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