A/N: New Book "Love You Forever & Always"

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Hi guys...

This is not a note about a sequel or prequel, I have pledged to take the #justwriteit contest of this month. This month we have to write a story through #loveletters, the idea seems different and interesting so I have decided to give it a try :)

Please check out my new book "Love You Forever & Always", it's a love story between two people who met accdentely through a letter mix up.

"Love You Forever & Always"

Story Link :


Story Description:

Amelia Winston looked at the letter in her hand, clearly not addressed for her but she can't help but take a peek...


Do you believe that a letter can change your life forever? No? Then you must have a peek into the life of the kindergaten teacher Amelia Winston as she reads the letters to Amy from her truely beloved, and how much a letter mix up changes her lonely life...

Please support my new venture just like you people supported Fate Intertwined with your precious votes and comments. :)

Thank you.



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