Chapter 2: A Spark of Change

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Celestina's P.O.V :

Once we reached home, I ran to my room throwing myself face down on my bed and resumed my waterworks without bothering to lock the door, because that won't be stopping my big brothers from getting into my room, no one or nothing especially  my poor door, stands a chance against two pissed off alpha brothers being protective over their little sister. And I was right. Just a second later my brothers come into my room. Abel, being the oldest and the mature one,  climbed on to my bed and pulled me into his lap and started saying soothing words to calm me but Cal is not as calm as Abel, he is fuming, seeing that their best friend hurt their baby sister. It continued until I was exhausted from crying and slipped into a dreamless sleep in my brother's arms, I was dead to the world that I don't even know when my parents got home.
Next day being Saturday they let me sleep in, so I woke by noon. After freshening up I went downstairs to grab something to eat, and the delicious smell from the kitchen told me that mom is home.

"Good morning mom", I greeted her as I walked into the kitchen.

"It's already afternoon Tina...anyway Good afternoon. Hope you are well rested, Your brothers insisted on letting you sleep in", Mom said while she is mixing something in a bowl.

"Yea I am feeling rested. Is there any leftovers from lunch mom?? I'm hungry."

"Oh! I will fix you a sandwich now. I was out this morning shopping with your aunt Cathy. The boys fixed something for themselves and your dad was with Beta Joshua. The house was empty when I got back, of course, you were there still....", mom keeps on ranting about her day but my mind got stuck where I heard Beta  Joshua and Aunt Catherine's name, Mike's parents. I don't know when mom stopped talking but a touch on my shoulder brought me back, I blinked to get rid of the unshed tears in my eyes.
"Listen, baby, your brothers told me what happened at the gym yesterday. I think you should give him a chance to explain, it might not be what you are thinking.", she let me go and pushed the chicken and egg sandwich she made towards me.

I nodded at her and took the plate with me to eat in my room wanting to avoid any more of this awkward conversation, "I will eat in my room mom, I want to finish the book I have been reading."

"Okay. But think about what I said. Cathy told me Mike is in no better condition than you.", I just nodded and left the kitchen, I heard her murmur 'kids' under her breath before walking away.

Once I got to room, I searched my collection for a good book to read, since I am feeling so sad and heartbroken my hand and heart reach out to Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan and ended up selecting 'A Walk To Remember'. I read as I ate and once I am done with the sandwich I left the plate on the nightstand without bothering to wash up I snuggled into the blanket, getting comfortable and losing myself in the book.

"Tina... Dinner time."

   I woke up with a startle when Callahan called me for dinner. I went to the bathroom to wash my face and get freshened up and the zombie in the mirror almost gave me a heart attack. There are two holes where my eyes are supposed to be and big purple bags under those holes. My hair is a tangled mess; I tried to run my finger through it but winced when I tugged at a knot. So I just smoothed it at the front and pulled the rest into a ponytail. Only after climbing halfway down the stairs I remember about the plate I left on the nightstand and mom will have my head if I don't bring it down with me she is so keen on hygiene, so I have to rush back and get it and rush back down before mom starts yelling.

Only the five of us are there. Mom, dad, Abel, Cal and me. Family dinners are very important to us. Dad says no matter how busy things are you should be home for dinner, he says it's our bonding time.

Dad gives me a sympathetic smile when he sees me; I tried to reply with a cheerful smile but ended up with a weak one. My brothers are extra nice to me. They did not pull my ponytail like normal or made any jokes at my expense, Cal actually even served the curry to me. Shocking? I know, wow.

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