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Rosalyn 's P.O.V:

I am never good at goodbyes, goodbyes always made me cry. When I was a kid everyone around here was afraid to say the word around me as I will burst into tears hearing it.

But now it is my time to say goodbye,  goodbye to everyone and everything I know while growing up. Mamma said saying goodbye is a part of our life we need to embrace. She said she wants me to have wings and fly high and she does not want me to be stuck forever in our small town.

It was with her persuasion dad give me permission to leave the pack temporarily and joined the new pack with a better Medical University. Yes,  I am a healer and I am going to start my training at Red Crescent pack,  which is my aunt Alice's pack.  They have a wonderful medical University and most experienced healers.

Growing up I know I am not an Alpha material,  I had more fun at the pack hospital with Uncle Stephen than at the pack meetings. Mamma 's theory is that my phobia to goodbyes is rooted in my instincts as a healer,  as a healer never want to lose any of their subjects.

My brother Dylan is getting trained as an Alpha now,  he is two years younger than me. We are a fairly big family,  I have five siblings, Dylan is the second eldest,  then came Jocelyn two years later,  then the twins Luke and Alexis and after a long distance of ten years now we have our baby brother Michael. Luke and Alexis are named after mamma's parents,  and Mikey after mamma's first mate,  it was our dad who insisted on naming him Michael he said the original Michael is a hero and this is a way to honor him. Our little Mikey is just two years now,  and I the eldest one is eighteen, well this is what they call life.

If you are wondering,  I know I am not related to my mamma by blood but we have an even stronger bond. When I was around eight sometimes after the twins were born my parents had a handful with them and two-year-old Joce that they couldn't pay much attention to the eldest two.  Then one day one of the pack kids made fun of me and taunted me saying I am not my mamma's daughter. I was devastated and ran to my dad in tears,  then both of them made me sit down and tell me a story.  A story on how my birth mother was brainwashed by a psychopath and how mamma came to our life, then the kidnapping and the final fight. They told me that my birth mother loved me,  at first I did not believe them,  but they stay by me help me understand explained my confusion and my doubts and at last when I was ready they together took me to my mother's grave.

"Are you done packing Rose? Or Are you still daydreaming ", mamma asked as she walked into my room with Mike on her hips.

" Almost done mamma. ", I told her while trying to close one of my overstuffed suitcases.

"You won't be able to close that, take some out and put it on the other case.  Here let me arrange., you hold Mike toll then.", she said handing me a giggling Mike.

  I tickled him making him laugh more, "God I am gonna miss his laughs so much,  I am gonna miss out a lot on his childhood.", I said, the sad thoughts coming up as the time for the farewell drew closer.

"You are not Rosy,  we will send you his videos all the time and you can Skype with us.  Also, you are not going to the end of the world, you can visit anytime you want", she said as she stopped the packing to come closer to me and cup my face in her hands, "You are not going away my child,  we all will be together all the time."

" Now..  All your bags are packed,  I will tell Dylan and Robert to come and help you to take your bags downstairs", she said as she took Mike from my hands and walked out of the room as if her she is on fire, so that I won't see her tears but she is too late I already saw them.

If you are wondering who Robert is he is uncle Phil and aunt Bella first born and our future beta,  he is the same age as of Dylan. They also have a set of twin girl younger to Robert,  Ria, and Mia who are thirteen now. And Uncle Jace found his mate when I was around five,  she is a total hippie,  with magenta and purple colored hair. She is the most fun aunt to be with,  a little crazy up there,  the perfect match for uncle Jace.  They are blessed with a set of Triplets two year after they met, Adam, Beatrix, and Cassandra, they are ten years now.  Uncle Ethan and Aunt Olivia had a baby boy, William, when Emily was two and another baby girl Sarah three years later.

"Hey sis", Dylan greeted me as he walked into my room along with Robert who just waved at me,  as he is a person of fewer words, "Mom spend us to help you with the bags,  Is that all? ", he asked pointing to my luggage.

" Yep", I said avoiding to say anything more trying to hide the tears that are ready to escape my eyes.

"Okay.  We will get it for you,  mom asked you to meet her at their bedroom before heading downstairs. ",  he said while walking towards my luggage.

" Okay.",  I said as I walked out of the room to my parent's room.

"Mom you asked for me?"  I asked her as I walked in and I saw her coming out of their closet with a small jewelry box in her hand.

"Yeah, I do. I want to give you this before you leave",  she said coming near me and holding out a beautiful sterling silver necklace in her hands with a clover with an emerald pendant and a howling wolf with emerald eyes pendant, "Your birth mother Chelsea gave this chain with clover pendant to me to give you when you are ready,I think you are ready now... and I added a little of me on it too by adding the wolf pendant,  so you will have both your mother's with you on this new venture you are in."

She turned me facing the mirror and put on the necklace on me,  I couldn't help but admire the token of love.  "Thank you, Mom. It's beautiful."

"The emerald is complementing your eyes,  it looks beautiful on you.  You know when I first saw you under that table it is your big green eyes that caught me first. My green-eyed monster. ",  she said giving me a pinch on the cheeks," Come let's go downstairs everyone is waiting for you. "

As we walked down the stairs I saw my whole family, uncles, aunts, and friends waiting to bid farewell. I went to each and everyone saying the byes and hugging them, while mom went to dad and stood by him.

" Hi guys", I said as we descended the stairs to everyone waiting downstairs to see me off, "Please don't make this more awkward with all the mushy goodbyes...  You know I hate those..."

"We did not come to say goodbyes darling", said aunt Melissa​, uncle Jace 's wife, "we came to see the big bad alpha cry."
And everyone burst out laughing, even dad joins in while walking towards me and engulfing me in his big bear hug.

"Be a good girl while you are there okay.  No boy business and keep up with your training. ", he told me patting my shoulder and guiding me to the car," And call every day,  we will all going to miss you. "

" I'm gonna miss you too daddy. I  am gonna miss you all", I told to everyone and my mom and siblings joined in on a group hug.

"Okay...  We should start at least now Rosy or we won't make it there on time. ", said Patrick, our pack warrior who is assigned to accompany me to Red Crescent.

" Coming.  Just two minutes. ", I called out to him," Okay guys, be good for mom and dad okay. ", I told my siblings as I engulfed each of them in a hug.

And after giving a final hug to mom,  I turned and walked fast to the car afraid that someone will yell goodbye to me.  As I got into the car I turned around and waved at all of them.

Patrick started the car and off we go.

And I am ready for a new chapter on the book of my life.


Hi guys,

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Some of you have asked if there is going to be a sequel for Fates Intertwined, unfortunately, there won't be any sequel for this story.  I don't want to disrespect this book by I was not able to deliver a good sequel.  I have seen a lot of book series going down on that path,  and I don't want to do it. Really sorry guys.

If you like Fates Intertwined, please check out my other books as well. And tell me if you like them :) I hope you guys like them too just like you liked Fate Intertwined.

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