Fates Intertwined by AnnaBella201
Fates Intertwinedby Niranjana Binoy
Ranked #1 in Werewolf Genre on December 2017 16-year-old Celestine Lucas was a happy-go-lucky girl. She had the perfect family and a perfect life. And almost had her '...
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  • werewolf
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Arranged Marriage To The Mafia Boss by JobedianKordom
Arranged Marriage To The Mafia Bossby Jobedian Mary-Ann Kordom
Skyler Johnson has always been the perfect little girl for her parents. As a teenager that hasn't changed much. She is only more outspoken about the things she wants. So...
  • ceo
  • man
  • boss
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Rekindle X Klaus Mikaelson #Wattys2017 by EricaLouise21
Rekindle X Klaus Mikaelson #Wattys...by Erica Louise
[Editing] [Book 1] Lilly Marie Salvatore. The twin sister of Damon Salvatore. Older sister of Stefan Salvatore. The three Salvatore siblings have never had a good relat...
  • werewolf
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  • klausmikaelson
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New Year's Baby by MaryFahey
New Year's Babyby Mary Fahey
Donna Waldron thinks its love at first sight but is badly let down. Dr Ryan Kennedy is only amusing himself during boring workplace training. Heartbroken, she doesn't n...
  • love
  • inlove
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Over and Over by willowmoonblood
Over and Overby Willowmoonblood
Six years have passed since Marshall Mathers last laid eyes on the one that got away, Layla Nickols. After almost losing everything, Marshall becomes sober and attempts...
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Like That by HollisMayer
Like Thatby HollisMayer
Complete. Emily Cahill thinks her life is perfect or as perfect as she could ever imagine...she is married to the love of her life and they have two wonderful (beautiful...
  • loss
  • triangle
  • healing
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Ms. Billionaire & her love story by nav_k21
Ms. Billionaire & her love storyby Navjot Gill
They denied what they felt. But could not deny for long. They had fallen in love. They felt the joy, the elation. They felt the pain, the torment. Yet they fought till t...
  • romance
  • hurt
  • baby
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The Bed She Made #Wattys2015 Winner! by EliciaHyder
The Bed She Made #Wattys2015 Winne...by Elicia Hyder
Journey Durant's father warned her, "Someday you'll have to lie in the bed you've made." But she didn't believe him... until now. She has just received news th...
  • family
  • murder
  • badboy
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When The Heart Lies by Iamnikki1
When The Heart Liesby Nikki Hall
  • generalfiction
  • indian
  • teenlove
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Second-Hand Wedding by MaryFahey
Second-Hand Weddingby Mary Fahey
Teacher Chloe's engagement ends two months before her dream wedding. To avoid wasting her event planning, she proposes to the ex she jilted twice for eccentric behaviour...
  • regret
  • misunderstanding
  • finished
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Go beyond- (All Might/ Toshinori Yagi) Book 1 by MoonAura
Go beyond- (All Might/ Toshinori Y...by MoonAura
[CURRENTLY EDITING] All Might, the man you had dated back in your UA days and All For One got into a serous battle that left critical injuries that could have been preve...
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The Nikaah Agreement (Completed) by kayra_a_
The Nikaah Agreement (Completed)by K.a
Kayra is back to her homecountry but she never expected to be hooked up to the person who had hurt her the most.How will she be able to cope with her feelings when she g...
  • hate
  • lostlove
  • friendship
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Saudade by celestial_sesi
Saudadeby celestial_sesi
Saudade... the love that remains... longing for someone you have loved and lost, even though they might never return.(Portugese) Advay Singh Raizada, Innovator, Brillia...
  • intense
  • shivanitomar
  • isspyaarkokyanaamdoon
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Childhood Memories.  by Wepurpleheartyou
Childhood Memories. by Wepurpleheartyou
" Do you remember me?" "Yes, your are the center of my Childhood Memories." Warning; May include: Abuse, self harm, rape, sexual content, etc. This...
  • hoseok
  • readerxcharacter
  • minyoongi
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In Between  | ✓ by inquisitiive
In Between | ✓by anne
"Somewhere in between losing and finding myself, I fell in love with you" For 22 year old Ellie Davis life is pretty simple. she's determined to pass her final...
  • lost-love
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  • exs
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The Bachelor's Bride by gingerbread250
The Bachelor's Brideby Rosanna Parker
Cover: courtesy of AVForrest Copyright © 2017 by AVForrest -A Wattpad Featured Story in Historical Fiction- Highest Rank- #17 in Historical Fiction New York City, 1908 ...
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  • mystery
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Still standing  by AnastasiaGibson7
Still standing by Missy
It's last year of school and there's a senior party everyone is going to be there, including your ex yep the one that broke your heart, had sex with your ex bestfriend a...
  • johtàvian
  • lostsouls
  • mistakes
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Mending Eachother.  by mahwash_ff
Mending Eachother. by Mahwash Fatima
A story that revolves around an anonymous gangster and an abandoned innocent soul. Their lives involves many others too. There are people who love someone else, who want...
  • hate
  • adam
  • sajid
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Choosing You by pulangmakata
Choosing Youby Pulang Makata
Happiness can be found even in the darkest time, but only to those who remember how to open the light . #95 in Romance
  • lostlove
  • gxg
  • bestfriend
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Last Kiss Goodbye • Sons of Anarchy by Venomis
Last Kiss Goodbye • Sons of Anarchyby Croweater
Now the club wants him dead, Juice's despair drives him right back to the only woman he ever loved and trusted. Without a proper goodbye he abandoned her fifteen years a...
  • lostlove
  • theorossi
  • highschoolsweethearts
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