Chapter 4: Best Birthday Ever

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Tina's P.O.V:

Mike picked me up after school and took me to 'the tree'.

It's our, favorite hangout place and our treasure chest. It's a huge tree near the road on the way to home; it is huge with lots of branches and leaves, it's shady, its branches covered a vast area, that there aren't many trees close to it, the ground around the tree is covered in grass and the giant trunk makes the vegetation and tiny meadow invisible to unfamiliar eyes . It has got a big hole in it where we hide our treasures, we found it when I was around five, and from that day onwards it's our favorite hangout and hideout place.

Once we reached there he made me stop a couple of steps away from the tree, turned me around and asked me to close my eyes, I reluctantly complied. There was total silence for a couple of seconds, only the distant sounds chirping of birds and sound of leaves when they move lightly in the gentle breeze I am engulfed in his scent, I stood there taking in the wonderful scent of my mate wondering what is he planning to do.

"Happy birthday to you...

happy birthday to you...

happy birthday to dear Tina...

happy birthday to you....."

I opened my eyes to see him holding a cake with lighted candles, that too a red velvet cake, my favorite. I am totally surprised, and I could feel tears forming in my eyes, tears of happiness. But tears alarmed Mike, he is by my side in an instant he started to panic and say,

"Did I do something wrong? Don't you like it? I thought you might like this, I'm so sorry if I messed up again..", I tried to cut off him a couple of times but he kept saying nonsense non-stop.

"MIKE. STOP IT.", he is shocked when I shouted at the top of my voice. I felt guilty when I saw the hurt on his face, "I love it", I said softly. And that brought a smile on his face. :)

"Our mate is so romantic", river exclaimed dreamily. I smiled and shook my head at her. She is head over heels with him.

Mike had a picnic blanket and some snacks arranged there, we cut the cake and stayed under the shade of the tree for a while. Mike is half sitting and lying on the blanket supporting his weight on his elbow and I was sitting and leaning to his tummy, we talked about anything and everything. Then suddenly he stood up and pulled out a small packet from his pocket.

"I saw this at the mall the other day and thought of you. I know how much you like this kind of stuff and hope it will make up all that pain I put you through, " he said handing me the small box wrapped in silver paper and decorated with a red satin ribbon.

"Thank you, Mikey. But please don't hurt yourself thinking about what happened. It was all a misunderstanding, I should have asked you directly rather than jumping to conclusions. " I told him while taking the packet from him. He just nodded and smiled, giving a nervous look to the packet. I smiled at his nervousness, he doesn't know no matter what it is I would love anything that he gets me.

It is a cute bracelet. It's a brown leather braided bracelet with a golden wolf with blue eyes hanging from it. It was so beautiful. [I am a sucker for any ornaments with wolf design in it.]. I just loved my new bracelet, and the fact that it has blue eyes like Mike and his wolf made me fall in love with it instantly. I let him tie it around my wrist and give me a tight hug mumbling a thank you.

"Tina meet me at my office in 10 minutes", I heard my dad through our family mind link." Ask Mike to join us as well".

"Okay dad", I replied.

We reached home in seven minutes.

When we got home everyone including Mike's sisters and their mates are already at dad's office and we are the last to enter.

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