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Fates Intertwined by AnnaBella201
Fates Intertwinedby Niranjana Binoy
Ranked #1 in Werewolf Genre on December 2017 16-year-old Celestine Lucas was a happy-go-lucky girl. She had a perfect family and a perfect life. And almost had her 'Ha...
What Was Lost // (Harry Styles FanFic) by BaileeBarnesSC
What Was Lost // (Harry Styles Bailee Estes💕
**TRIGGER WARNING** Lilly Matthews and Sutter Mayfield (played by Harry Styles) have been neighbors since they were five, best friends since they were eight, and boyfrie...
Mi Fuego(Curvy Series :2 ) by FarhanaMou9
Mi Fuego(Curvy Series :2 )by Farhana Mou
Jacob Kingston has never thought that after his history with lily...he will feel any kind of attraction towards any woman...but man ...her one touch ..her one kiss... th...
Coffee Spills by ashleighclaire1003
Coffee Spillsby Ash
There were many ways Aria King imagined that she'd meet her soulmate. Spilling her coffee on him certainly wasn't how. She also didn't expect him to be such an idiot or...
My Lost Highland Lass by JudeKnight
My Lost Highland Lassby Jude Knight
In this story from the (as yet unpublished) collection Lost in the Tale, Janet spends a promised Season in London, with her English father. Will she meet the English tou...
Jeena Toh Hai- Arshi FF by DatDereArt
Jeena Toh Hai- Arshi FFby Artista
Seven years after saying, "I do", Khushi Kumari Gupta finds herself filing for divorce. In an unusual twist of events , Khushi ends up damaging the owner of an...
Never Land the First Fish by JudeKnight
Never Land the First Fishby Jude Knight
Lord Maddox feels old before his time-but not old enough to marry, for the last time he tried that, he was hooked by Lady Sarah Grenford, then thrown back when she marri...
Never Land the First Fish by marianagabrielle
Never Land the First Fishby Mariana Gabrielle
Lord Maddox feels old before his time--but not old enough to marry, for the last time he tried that, he was hooked by Lady Sarah Grenford, then thrown back when she marr...
Love Will Remember by ChimmylovesCookie
Love Will Rememberby Chimmy
Jungkook is the CEO of Jeon Corporation, one of the leading companies in South Korea. When he receives the job application from Jimin for the position of his personal as...
Anemones in the Wind, #4 , & The Windflower #4.5, Pagosa Cliffs by PenumbraMine
Anemones in the Wind, #4 , & The M.M. Ward PenumbraMINE
"Sometimes only Love can get one through the Storms." Cake Artist Milli Velvet Haywood is an anemone, the delicate flower that weathers the worst storms and bl...
My Heart for Yours by StephCampbell725
My Heart for Yoursby Steph Campbell
For Tobin and Delia, everything was always equal. A bargain, a trade, a deal to be struck. A kiss for a kiss. Your shirt for mine. Break my heart, I'll break yours...
[Published in Amazon now] Getting Over Him | (2# Moving On Duology) by Catherine_Edward
[Published in Amazon now] Catherine Edward
This book is published on Amazon by Limitless Publishing. And only a sample chapter is available here to read. ****** Falling in love for the first time should be the mo...
This Time Around  by JKFanartic
This Time Around by Lovely Writer
Corey's past experience in love has made him resolve to steer clear of any romantic involvements. He is absolutely sure that he and his close friends is all he needs to...
Seducing with Talent. by Chrissie-Swift
Seducing with Christine Emerald
"Where did they take our mother? Tell me!" He questioned one more time while his hands sat on his hips. "I could easily break your bones right this minute...
[Published in Amazon now] | Resisting Her (2# Moving On Duology) | SAMPLE ONLY by Catherine_Edward
[Published in Amazon now] | Catherine Edward
For years, I've shut off my emotions, too scared to bare my heart to someone else. Because the last female I trusted, broke it into pieces and scattered it around for me...
Catherine Edward - News & Media by Catherine_Edward
Catherine Edward - News & Mediaby Catherine Edward
All about my works Completed, Ongoing, Upcoming etc., I will be posting updates about my books here, rather than bombarding you with multiple author notes or addit...
Different kinda love by SonniaKays
Different kinda loveby SonniaKays
"Don't do it" I frowned as I tore my eyes away from my new neighbour and looked at my best friend since diaper days. "Do what?" He gave me a blank s...
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A Heart That Can Only Break So Many Times by EddieLover-HH
A Heart That Can Only Break So Michelle Writes
This story is a fanfiction. It's based on Blair and Chuck from Gossip Girl. After Chuck breaks Blair's heart for the thousandth time by sleeping with Jenny, Blair decide...
A Powerful Runaway (HTTYD fanfiction) by shayelee8
A Powerful Runaway (HTTYD shayelee8
Astrid was experimented on when she was a little girl and has been given unique powers unlike anyone has ever seen. But when she escaped, her partner was killed in the p...
The Alpha's Rejected Mate by beautifulgirl22
The Alpha's Rejected Mateby Emmy
Sequel to 'The Alpha & The Rogue'. Scarlett is the daughter of Alpha Noah and Luna Radiance of the Crescent Moon pack. Even though her status is high, people bully her...