Chapter 26: The Clues

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"It is not really difficult to construct a series of inferences, each dependent upon its predecessor and each simple in itself. After doing so, one may produce a startling effect."

– A.C.Doyle, Sherlock Holmes, The Adventure of the Dancing Men.


Dimitri's P.O.V :

It took me more than an hour to calm down the hysteric Rose, now I am sitting on the rocking chair in Rose's nursery with a sleepy child in my arms. I could hear her whimper from time to time, make me hate myself more and more on how much pain I have caused to my little angel and my wife due to my angry outburst, I have no idea how am going to fix the damage I caused to my married life. I have crossed the boundaries and spoken words that should have been never uttered, I can't even find any hope in me that she will forgive me and give me another chance, after all those hard work from both our parts to build a relationship it took only a few words from me to ruin everything, I don't even know how I will face her again.

"Dimitri", I heard Philip whispering my name, and turned towards the direction of the sound to see him and Bella standing at the door with sad faces, "Dr.Stephen and the patrol team leader are at the office waiting for you."

Bella walked into the room and tried to take Rose from my arms, but I tightened my hold her small body refusing to give her to anyone. Bella stopped and looked back at Philip helplessly, who sighed and walked in placing a hand on my shoulders lowered himself to ear level, "there is a lot of works to do Alpha, we have news. Rose will be safe with Bella". I sighed and stood up, placing a soft kiss on my daughter's head I gave her to Bella and watched her snuggle close to the Crescents' (Beta Female) neck.

"We haven't heard from Tina yet", I heard Bella whisper before I walking out of the room she know I heard that too.

"She ran towards the northern borders, I think she is heading to the home pack let us give her time reach home before we contact them and panic them as well.", I said before walking away, half hoping that she will come back to the house after a run without going to Lunar Spirit.

I stood in front of my office and took a deep breath before opening the door and walk in, ready to face any news waiting for me at the other side.Dr. Stephen and Donovan, the patrol team lead stood up to greet us as we walked into the room.

"Beta said you people have news for me? ", I said going directly to the business without wasting a second.

Donovan nodded towards the doctor, signaling him to start, so I turned my attention towards him who handover a file to me, "The autopsy on Irene's body is done, and my findings are in this file, for now, I will brief you on main findings " I took it from him and nodded him to go on placing the file on my desk.

"Well to relieve our mind, there was no sexual harassment on the girl", I could feel myself relaxing a bit on hearing that, most of the females that turned out dead around different packs were sexually harassed before they were murdered, at least this young one was spared from that horror.

"The death took place one day before and the body was kept frozen before they dumbed it here... and the body was gutted just before they dump it here, the cause of death is a single stab with a silver knife to her heart, but her limps were broken before she died it seems cause they were half healed in that wrong positions."

"If she was dead before a day then what about all that  blood on her and the forest floor?", I asked him, rather confused.

"The blood on her and floor was not her blood, I had a vile of her blood with me which was taken for usual yearly check-up before she goes to her friend's place, when I noticed the oddity in the time of her death I did a quick basic D.N.A analysis and it turned out that the blood is not her's, it is the same type but someone else's, the DNA does not match. Further analysis of the blood on her body showed that was not fresh blood,  but frozen ones.", he stopped and nodded at Donovan.

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