Chapter 23: Today? or Tomorrow?

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Dimitri's P.O.V :

I watched as the grey wolf charged towards the sandy brown wolf aiming for its flanks, the other wolf still disoriented from the last attack didn't see it coming, just as the gray wolf was about to launch the attack a sharp whistle blew signalling a stop upon the sudden distraction the grey wolf lost its balance and crashed into the sandy wolf both of them tumbled into the ground.

"Dona, you need to work on your balance, you can't crash into anything near you like that.", Celestina's voice rang from the direction of the whistle sound.

"And Roxy you need to practice more and increase your stamina. Eat proper food your mom said you are claiming to be on diet and not eating, that is one of the reasons you got dizzy during the fight."

"It goes for all of you girls, Eat proper food. You need proper nutrition in your body if you want to be a strong warrior one day, and this is not done in a single day you need to work out daily. Now get back to practice everyone. Do 4 laps around the field. Now go."The girls groaned out loud but on her whistle the group of girls they started on a slow jog, " Come on pick up speed, should I dictate the speed limit as well? Dona and Roxy shift get dressed and join your group."

I chuckled lightly at the little whine the girls let out before going behind the trees to shift and get dressed as I walked up to my wife to stand beside her.

"Go a little soft on them, sweetheart, they are little girls! they are not used to the fights and training.", I told her as I put my arms around her waist and pull her closer to me with her back to my front and softly kissing her neck.

"Exactly, that is why am being hard on them, if we are lenient they will never learn, and will remain weak whole their life. This is for their own good, they will understand this one day.", she said relaxing in my arms.

"You are so stressed, let someone else handle the rest of the training session, let's go and get Rose from aunt Wilma.", I said pulling her out of the training field. She sighed knowing there is no use in arguing with me and signaled for her assistant to take over. We walked hand in hand into old beta's house, stopping occasionally to say hi to the pack members who greeted us. The pack love their new Luna, I can see that in the way the looked at her with respect and adoration, and there is a huge change in their attitude towards Rose as well, they started seeing her as mine and Tina's daughter, not as the daughter of my runaway mate.

Walking into aunt Wilma's kitchen our nostrils are attacked by the mouthwatering aroma of baked goodies reminding me of my childhood and my mother, mom loved to cook and bake, she made sure the cookie jars are full all the time. Loud squeals and laughter brought me out of my thoughts and I found myself standing alone in the doorway of my aunt's home, Tina is nowhere to be seen. I followed the sounds to the kitchen I couldn't help but laugh at the scene in front of me, seems like aunt Wilma was trying to make some cookies and Rose decided to help, both Rose and Aunt Wilma's covered in flour and Tina is trying to catch a slippery Rose from under the table even she had flour on her hair within this short time. I disguised my laughter into a cough, to avoid the wrath of my aunt and my wife, catching the attention of my daughter, Rose made a beeline to my arms from her safe position under the table as soon as she sees me.

"Dadda", she squealed as she crawled fast into my arms.

"Are you giving trouble to Granma Wilma, little Rose?",I asked her as I hugged her and lifted her up.

" No, we... pwaying", she replied taking her time to remember the words her mother taught her.

"Oh..Yeah... she is... playing with flour and eggs and messing the kitchen", Tina said as she approached us and took Rose out of my arms,"let me clean her up first and we will join you two."

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