Chapter 18: I Promise

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Alpha Demetrius's P.O.V :

        I watch my wife cradling little Rose in her arms, she is humming a soft lullaby to the little one. Rose's little fingers are wrapped around Celestine neck chain as if she afraid her new mother will disappear if she let it go. She refused to be buckled into her car seat when we started from the Lunar Spirit pack, she wailed out every time I tried to put her in the car seat and stopped only when Tina took her in her arms, at last, we gave in and decided to let her be in her new mother's arms. I smiled at the picture of the mother and child taking comfort from each other, not in a million dreams I thought I will ever see Rose so comfortable in a woman's arms. 

                    We are on our way back to my pack, Shadow Knight Pack, we left in the morning following our wedding since I have some pressing matters to attend at my pack.

                        Yesterday during the party following the wedding Alpha Lucas stepped down for his son Christabel, it looks like the Alpha put his retirement on hold for his daughter.  There was a twinkle in his eyes that was never there before, he was a proud father giving away his young daughter.

              Once I had my first dance with my new wife I could sit back and relax, I watched her dancing gleefully with her father and brothers. The old beta and his son-in-laws danced with her, a few of the pack members also asked her for a dance, though she was smiling all the time, even then there is some underlying sadness in her eyes. I saw her taking Rose in her arms and dancing with her, my little girl is laughing her head off. I have never seen her this happy, back then when we men used to take care of her she was always cranky and stubborn, now she is all smiles and giggles.

                    After a while, all the alphas present there were summoned to the Alpha's office, we all are having issues with rogues now, multiple attacks and trespassing even though the attacks seem harmless our instincts say it's just a warning for something big. Early the day I have got a message from the pack mentioning an attack at the eastern border, so I was planning to leave the following day the Alpha Lucas doesn't seem happy about our early departure but knowing it's a part of my alpha duties he gave us permission to leave. By the time the meeting was over the party was over as well, Callahan showed me to my room which I am supposed to share with my wife.

                    I entered the room to see my daughter and wife fast asleep, and Rose was snuggling closer to Celestine's chest. I stripped to my boxers and got into bed with them before sleeping I left a soft kiss on Rose's forehead.

                   The morning was very frantic, Celestine gave me a mini heart attack when she woke up to see a man on her bed with her, a cute blush made its way to her cheek when she recognized me. She mumbled a sorry and got up to freshen up. When she got back, I told her that we have to leave in the morning itself, I expected her to throw a tantrum about leaving so soon but she surprised me by asking me for an hour to pack her things, get ready and say her goodbyes.

                After teary goodbyes with her mother and friends and a stern look and lecture from her father and brothers, we are finally on our way. Only me, Celestine and Rosalyn are in my car, Phil and his mate and Lisa's parents are driving in Philip's car and the rest of the pack are following in four cars.

"Alpha", I heard Celestine calling me.

" Demetri, you can call me Demetri, Celestine. " She smiled and said, "Tina, it's just Tina."

"Tina." I tested her name on my tongue." so what is it that you called me for Tina?"

"There is a place I would like to visit before I leave. Can you... can you please take me there?",She is looking at me with pleading eyes, and I know no matter how pressing the issues in my pack is I can't deny this simple request from her.

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