Rejecting the Alpha by ShiftingQueen
Rejecting the Alphaby Miranda
When Alice Murphy of the Silver Ash pack finds her mate, the ruthless Alpha of the Dustfall Eclipse pack, Evan Burke, she isn't surprised to see that he is just as every...
  • mates
  • cruel
  • rejection
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When Life gives you cheese by Thedarkchatnoir
When Life gives you cheeseby Hazel Harvey
This is a tragedy. oh the horror. after an akuma attack, Some exciting shenanigans happen. whether they are good or bad, is up to you to find out.
  • life
  • camembert
  • cheese
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Not Yours by shedlights
Not Yoursby /
• "You're fucking mine." He said angrily, pulling me into his chest. I tried pulling away but to No avail. He was not letting go this time. He was not going to...
  • king
  • inlove
  • wolf
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There are some things sorry can't fix by sparklyfire13
There are some things sorry can' sparklyfire13
'Sorry' is a statement. 'I won't do it again' is a promise. 'How do I make it up to you?" Is a responsibility.
  • trust
  • sorry
  • reject
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    The Legend Of The Mysterious .. by CavaliereMarsha
The Legend Of The Mysterious CavaliereMarsha
What happens when a island girl named Elizebeth Lee Kienry meets arrogant, cruel, cocky and most of all the biggest womanizer in the whole world, Alpha Lorenzo Jay King...
  • bimbo
  • luna
  • alpha
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School of Rejects by SpeakingDreams
School of Rejectsby SpeakingDreams
A girl named Alejandra (Ali) was dropped off at a school all alone. But she realizes that other people who where hated had their own classroom in the basement. Follow he...
  • anysexuality
  • school
  • chooseyourownstory
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Rejection. by ThirstyLauren lαurєn♥♥
All it took was one lie. Lana Jackson, a 14 year old student at Blackwood 9th Grade Academy. Everything was normal for the first half of the year; friends, grades, and s...
  • girlxboy
  • rejection
  • rejected
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Broken Inside by FaZiKiKaw
Broken Insideby Faith Kaw
*Werewolf Story* --- "I Natalie - Destiny Marie Whitmer, reject you, Daniel Colton as my mate and Alpha" she declared, with that, said, she turned on her heel...
  • werewolf
  • heart
  • werewolves
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Pluto by DontEverDream
Plutoby Daniela Calderon
Anna is checked into Bayview Psychiatric hospital with no memory of herself, or anything. A constant voice in her head reminds her that something urgent will be taking p...
  • fantasy
  • robin
  • fear
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My bad boy got me pregnant by amedalion
My bad boy got me pregnantby Ayanna Medalion
The main character Ayanna was with her bestfriend Savannah one night Ayanna met this boy named Brandon he was a bad boy Ayanna and Brandon had made love and got pregnant...
  • werewolf
  • reject
  • romantic
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Undecided LOVE by nibosskiee
Undecided LOVEby nibosskiee
Hayss so eto na nga, itong story na to ay galing sa totoong karanasan ko (di naman lahat ng scenarios) Etong story na to ay tungkol sa mag bestfriend na lalaki at babae...
  • jungkook
  • minatozaki
  • jeonjungkook
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SCAR / Sehun by PuloniSehunAchumi
SCAR / Sehunby Puloni
Nothing hurts more than Seeing you with H.E.R
  • ohsehun
  • love
  • sehun
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The Outcast is the Alpha's Mate by pjjordan
The Outcast is the Alpha's Mateby Pjjordan
Raven never felt like she fit with the lovely pack that took her in, not only was she considered as the outcast but she was the only known wolf that hasn't shifted as ye...
  • drama
  • teenfiction
  • alpha
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Running with the wolves by Madeleinehatter13
Running with the wolvesby Madeleinehatter13
Jynx is a regular girl, until she meets Axel. Her brother. And he has a secret. She grows up and learns of the most fearsome pack leader, Alpha Jax. What happens when th...
  • reject
  • romance
  • wolves
The Alphas Rouge by xodditie
The Alphas Rougeby that bitch
"I'm only 16 but I suggest you dont fuck with me." ~ River Harling is a 16 year old shewolf that just happens to be a wanted rogue. But she also happens to get...
  • princess
  • runaway
  • reject
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Rise by Catalina726
Riseby Cata
Elena has a dark past. She's been through so much, so many things no one should have to suffer through. She's trying to repair herself, little by little. She wants to mo...
  • revenge
  • masks
  • laughter
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Blood. by Alvaro246 Varo
The inner workings of a sadistic masochist.
  • help
  • nonfiction
  • depression
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