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Alpha...... You rejected me. Remember? by EvilDragons1
Alpha...... You rejected me. EvilDragons1
"Your no mate of mine! You're weak and not worthy of being the Luna." He shouts, but I didn't filinch once. "I, Alex, future Alpha of the DragonFire pack...
The Alphas Unknown Daughter *SLOW UPDATES* by HeartbreakHostel
The Alphas Unknown Daughter * HEARTBREAKHOSTEL🦋
"Aren't you going to welcome me home father?" *** Sixteen years ago, Athena's mother was left alone and pregnant by her Alpha mate who marked another, now Athe...
The Hybrid by Ebba0604
The Hybridby Ebba0604
She's different than the others. They think she's weak. But she's stronger than they could imagine. He think she's not worthy of him. But she's the most precious thing a...
Rejected and Replaced by blacksoul_123
Rejected and Replacedby blacksoul
Alexis Winters is the 'slave' of the blue moon pack. Everyone hates her for one reason. And one reason only. Even her parents hate her. That's why they use her as a punc...
MEMOIRS by Black_Wolf_3
She is trying to not care about the problems she went through anymore and work hard towards her dream, but things are trying to change after she joined the school...Is i...
The White Wolf by WhiteWolfMc
The White Wolfby MinnaMica
When everything seems normal, life takes a big turn for 18 year old Lilly Anderson. Her life isn't as normal as she had in mind; when she hears that she is a werewolf. L...
My Omega (COMPLETED) by chubbyeol_jones
My Omega (COMPLETED)by chubbyeol_jones
The most desired omega selects an unexpected mate. #1 topbaek 23/07/2019 #1 bottomyeol 15/08/2019 #25 exo 30/08/2019
Beasts | Seongjoong by Eden_the_only_me
Beasts | Seongjoongby Garden of Eden
In a world where everyone can turn into animals, Seonghwa (a rare true alpha) is just trying to get though school and lead his small pack of teenaged boys when his life...
Prince of Black Wolves Series 2 : BRIKZ LUCIO by CallMeAngge(INCOMPLETED) by Dontshitonme
Prince of Black Wolves Series 2 CallmeAngge
#prince #blackwolf #romance #mate #dreame
Being evil  by bruhh___5555
Being evil by Sad Hoe
(BOOK #2 TO ALPHA CAMP) Arabella is a kind girl with a loving pack and family. At least that's what people think. They don't see how the pack youth treats the alphas dau...
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The Unlikely Bond by SupernaturalNova
The Unlikely Bondby Chimwemwe Daka
In a world of the supernatural, Sage Michaelson, a beautiful, smart and kind werewolf, looks to find her mate who she hopes will be loving and caring towards her. But li...
Protecting Rosalie |discontinued| by heavenleigh1027
Protecting Rosalie |discontinued|by Shhhitsangel
MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY ❤️ H-how could you !?" I wanted to scream. I wanted to cry and throw a fit like any spoiled little girl would. I wanted to not feel the hurt...
The Black Wolf (Rwby Fanfic) by OatmealTeabag
The Black Wolf (Rwby Fanfic)by OatmealTeabag
In the world of RWBY (though set 2 years earlier than when Ruby joined Beacon). A girl named Kathy, quiet, keeping to herself the majority of the time, joins Beacon. Her...
She's Mine by BeautycoolSongbird
She's Mineby BeautycoolSongbird
He gripped her shoulders, pressing her against the wall as he lowered his head towards her neck. She flinched as his breath painted her skin. He inhaled, his body going...
The War Between Black and White (ON HOLD) by laughingflower
The War Between Black and White ( laughingflower
Sophia and Jay are training for the upcoming war and trying to find Mark. They have to make some more sacrifices if they want to win the war. How much will they have to...
Her Omega by ClarissaFox6
Her Omegaby Clarissa Fox
Abigail was Alpha of the Shadow Moon pack. Her father handed her the Alpha title on her 22nd birthday. She had to fight to earn respect as Alpha with her fellow pack mem...
MINE (Under Serious Editing) by Snakuu_Otaku
MINE (Under Serious Editing)by Otaku
"The alpha of the Blue moon pack is coming. So get your lazy ass ready!" Yelled my ungrateful mother. I rolled my eyes and got ready. When I was done, I was we...
Trails and Trials of Luna by Kaitluvsturtles
Trails and Trials of Lunaby Kait
Just when your life is going perfect, you are a sophomore in high school with your two crazy best friends. You even have an enemy, who hates you for no apparent reason...
Can't Help It I'm In Love  by biebgomz_zas
Can't Help It I'm In Love by ZAS
There was a moment of silence until Selena broke it. "Justin?" Selena shyly said. "Yep" "I'm sorry for saying you're bad, can we be friends?&quo...
Call of the Wolf by Kaya345
Call of the Wolfby Kaya345
I inched my way to the boulder and then stopped when I was a metre or two away from it. I stood there unsure of what I was supposed to do when the thing opened its eyes...