A/N: Short Story "Her World Through Her Diary"

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Not an update but working on it... almostt done you will get in two or three days or might be tonight??!!!

Anyway why I am here is to bug you guys again with another story of mine... Don't worry! it's a Shorrttt Storyyy... Single part short story... Yup.. Just one chapter... If you guys can spare some time do read it and let me know what you feels...

"Her World Through Her Diary"

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Story Description:

What did you tell your diary when you were twelve year old?

How your friend teased you for wearing mismatched socks?

How you felt a boy in the chemistry class attractive?


The number of A's you scored ?

Elsa, the girl in our story have a different story to tell her diary... a story we can only pray that no child should hear or tell let alone go through.. but the world is too cruel for that to not happen...


Why this Story??

This story was initially written for a short story writing competition at work, and topic given was 'a strange day'. The competetion was somewhere around the time little Aylan Kurdi washed up on the shores on Canada, this is an incident that touched all our hearts deeply and it made me read more about the life of people out there and the struggles for their survival. When I got the competetion topic Aylan is the first one who came to my mind and once I started touched my pen to the paper the words just flow. I am not sure whether I did the right thing by writing about this on a competetion, cause I know what they have been through might be worse than this. If what I did is wrong then please forgive me. 



Disclaimer : Even though the book is inspired by the syrian civil war, this story have no relation to anyone dead or alive.. the events in this book is purely my imagination.

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