Chapter 13 : The Emerald Eyes

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"Grace was in all her steps.

Heaven in her eye.

In every gesture. dignity and love."

— John Milton


Celestina's P.O.V :

                                It's been half an hour since I stepped into the party and now we are all looking for the one-year-old girl called "Little Rose", who happens to be Liza's niece. We have four search parties out in the woods and two inside the packhouse looking for the missing child, the rest of us are now looking around the backyard where the party was organized. Liza is trying her best to calm down her cousin which seems like a failure with the growls coming from the area where Alpha's are gathered. I haven't met the daddy Alpha yet, clearly, I don't want to be at the receiving end of the wrath of a pissed of pappa wolf.

                         My stupid heels are killing me and I haven't seen Bella yet, I think she might be searching inside the packhouse. I plopped down one of the chairs near the fruit counter, I am feeling hungry since I haven't had anything since breakfast because I dozed off at the cemetery. I grabbed a banana from the counter, peeled it and is about to put the delicious fruit into my mouth when a sudden movement from underneath the table caught my attention, I cautiously kneeled down and pulled up the long tablecloth which is covering the entire table and reach till the ground.

                      My eyes met with confused and scared beautiful emerald green eyes, they lit up when they saw me and I heard a soft giggle. There beneath the table is the most beautiful and cutest one-year-old girl I have ever seen. She has dark golden soft curly blond hair and the most beautiful emerald green eyes. She has two small teeth in the front row of her bottom gums which made her smiles even more beautiful and cuter. I could see that someone with horrible dressing sense has dressed her up in a fluorescent magenta dress with too many frills.

                 Anyone will fall in love with her in just one look, I felt connected to her somehow, a sudden need to take care of her and make her safe and happy overcame me. I always wanted a daughter, only if Mike was alive, we would have been mated by now and might have a child of her age now, I sighed out at the dream I once shared with my mate. I know I should stay strong, if not for me then at least for my family I shouldn't cry not today and ruin my brothers special day. I brought my attention back to the child, it looks like she somehow got stuck beneath the table and cannot find her way back. I can't believe nobody thought about looking under the tables.

She saw the banana in my hands and reached for it, "I take it that you were hungry and trying to get some fruits to eat", I smiled at her and she smiled in return. I gently reached for her, she came to me without any protest, and I got her out from the space under the table.

"Is this the baby we are looking for?" I asked or shouted and suddenly all pairs of eyes are on us.

"Do you also think this is awkward or is it just me?" I asked her and again gifted with a sweet giggle and a few claps from her, I smiled at her antics clearly she is enjoying it. Suddenly the little girl is snatched out of my grasp and I was thrown to the side, I crashed onto the wooden table nearby and my head hit the hardwood, my head is spinning and it took me a few seconds to regain my posture, whatever it is the force caught me off guard. 

I heard loud cries from the baby and gasps from the people surrounding us, my warrior instinct kicked in upon hearing the cries and I suddenly went to fighting pose. I saw a male holding the girl who the child is crying her heart out, close to him, she is clearly scared and he is not making any attempt to soothe her,  he is only giving glaring daggers to me.  My posture relaxed when I see the similarities between the man and the baby, she is in her father's arms and she is not in danger, but his eyes are completely black, his wolf has taken over, he is holding the child too tight, scaring and hurting her, that pissed me off.

"Can't you see you are scaring her?"  I yelled at the Alpha before anyone can stop me, I don't care who he is at the moment the only thing I could see is that he is making the child cry. I walked up to him and grabbed the baby out of his hands, I gently rocked the child in my arms talking to her softly soothing her and in some time she calmed down, she pressed herself against me and rested her head on my shoulder and refused to look at her father. I looked up at her father to see him looking at her with sadness and pain in his eyes, but I could see relief written all over his face, he looked very beaten and tired.

I cleared my thought and talked to no one in particular, "Looks like she got hungry, and was trying to get some fruits earlier, somehow she got stuck under the table and got very scared by all the noise outside to make any sound herself.", then I turned to my father," Dad, you can call back all the search parties now and you people can resume the party." he nodded and I could see his mind linking the team leaders to come back to the party area.

"The child is hungry if you can tell me where I can find her mother I will take the child to her.", I told the Alpha who gently shook his head, and I could see him debating to himself on what to tell me then another guy came to his rescue.

"Hi, I am Phil, short for Philip, Beta of Shadow Knight pack. I am Little Rose's godfather.", he said smiling the little girl in my arms who raised her head on hearing her name and smiled at her godfather.

"So you are Liza's brother?", I asked him with a friendly smile.

"No no... I am her cousin, her dad's brother's son, I took over the Beta position after her dad cause he doesn't have a male heir, we were waiting for Liza's mate to take it but he happens to be your Alpha. I suppose you are from this pack?", he asked me giving me a flirty smile.

"Of course I am", I was about to tell him who I am but cut off by a whimper from Rose," Can you tell me where her mother is? I think she is running out of patience. ."

"mmmm... that... aa...actually her mother is not with us currently, so I can take her from you and make sure that she gets something to eat."

Then the realization hit me, she is the little girl Jace was talking about, no wonder she was hungry, these guys know nothing about looking after a child. I sighed and told him, "If you guys don't mind, I can feed her myself, I am in charge of the daycare in this pack, I can find something healthy for her to eat  and something decent for her to wear."

"What is wrong with her dress? It's pink and girls wear pink" Phil asked clearly offended by my comment, now I know who dressed her up in this.

"Well, fluorescent magenta is not pink and definitely not the colour for little girls her age, I prefer  baby pink or light lavender for her or any other soft colors", I told him, earning a chuckle from the Alpha and a crossed look from the Beta, I smiled and continued, looking at the little girl who is currently busy sucking her right hand's thumb, " and if you don't mind, I have a very hungry toddler to feed here and I will be back once she feels full and better."

I walked away leaving an annoyed Beta and amused Alpha behind me.


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