Chapter : 30 Finally, The Truth!!!

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A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.

-Agatha Christie


Celestina's P.O.V :

I laughed as Dmitri chased little Rose around the park, her laughter rang through the grounds like music.

This is my first day out of the hospital and Dmitri planned a surprise picnic for three of us to the park. After spending three weeks in the closed hospital room, two weeks of recovery and one week of convincing Dmitri that I am well enough to go home, a breath of fresh air is what I need the most. For an outdoor creature like werewolves staying inside the closed walls for such a long time is the worse type of punishment, our inner wolf always wants to be connected to nature.

Dmitri had the picnic basket packed by Bella and loaded into his SUV by the time we stepped out of the hospital, we drove about an hour to reach a meadow which overlooks the valley where our pack resides,  the view is amazing I lost myself in its beauty when I first stepped out of the car. Dmitri carried the basket and blanket to a spot under a willow which provide us with a nice view of our valley, Rose ran around playing with tree roots and playing with the butterflies, collecting flowers and small stones. After leaving me with the basket to set up everything Dmitri went to play with Rose they chased each other playing tag, this is the first time I am seeing Dmitri so carefree even though we have been on dates and picnics like this before all that time Dmitri was a little reserved it was always me who entertained Rose like this.

After playing around for some time they both ran back to me, Rose launched herself on my lap and Dmitri sat next to me on the blanket grabbing a bottle of soda.

"Are you thirsty Rose?", I asked the exhausted little girl on my lap and she nodded excitedly, I laughed and handover her sippy bottle filling it with lemonade.

"Is it yummy?", I asked her and she just nodded while drinking using one of her hands to give me a thumbs up, we all laughed together at it.

Dmitri sat up resting his back on the tree and pulling me close and leaning me to his chest, he snuggled my neck taking a whiff of me. I giggled being so ticklish at the spot gaining Rose's attention to us who instantly stood up and pushed him away and said, "No Daddy. Mummy no Dmitri " making me laugh out loud while Dmitri childishly stuck his tongue at our daughter which she returned.

"Do you want a sandwich, Rose? Auntie Bella made you some chicken sandwich.", Rose boomed excited yelling "Sandhwithhhh". Apparently, my little girl's new favorite dish is chicken sandwich and I am the last one to know, I feel like a terrible mother this moment I missed out around a month with her. I watched Rosy munching on his sandwich when I felt a small nudge on the side, I turned my head to Dmitri signaling him that I am listening without taking my eyes of my daughter.

"Why do you look so down all of a sudden?", he asked with concern in his voice.

"Her new favorite dish is chicken sandwich.", I said as if stating the obvious.

"Yea.. so..."

"And I am the last one to know that... I feel like a terrible mother, I should have thought about at least her before collapsing like that.. even River feels so terrible for blocking out like that.", I told him feeling the light stinging of tears behind my eyes.

He sighed and hugged me closer kissing my hair this time without disturbing Rose who is so engrossed in her sandwich.

"Tina.. what you did out there for your pack-mates was amazing, yes it was reckless and dangerous and you scared the hell out of me and others. I thought I really lost you, the image of you lying in that bloodied ground motionless still haunts me, Tristan almost went berserk, the only thing that kept us together was thoughts about Rose. But you are a warrior, a warrior would never run away from someone who needs help, a warrior never abandons her comrades, I understand that and I respect that, our pack respect that, once old enough even Rose will do the same. You have a lifetime with us to compensate for that lost month.", his voice is filled with pride and acceptance,
" and Rose found her new love for these sandwiches just because you were not there. She was being very difficult once you were in the hospital, and were not eating anything Bella or Emily tried to feed her, all of us tried me, Philip, Jace, Ethan even Stephen tried to lure her with candies but she keeps spitting out everything we put on her mouth. At last it was Alexandra who made these sandwiches, she said it was your favorite as a child, don't know how but she lured her into taking a bite and next thing we know she is gobbling it down", he said chuckling, making me chuckle and look at Rose, we found her sound asleep on my lap.
"Seems like you tired her out?", I said while shifting her to a more comfortable position.
"Here we can lay her on the blanket?",Dmitri said while trying to take Rose out of my hand.
"No. It's okay. She seems comfortable here, she might wake up if we move her to the blanket the ground might not be much comfortable if she wakes up in between she will be grumpy whole day", I said making him sit back and relax, he started playing with my hair after a while both of us lost in our thoughts.

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