Chapter 3 : Happily Ever After

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Celestine's P.O.V :

"Our Mate", my wolf whispered to me. Then it all floods back to me. I am thirteen now. I am connected to my wolf now. And we just found our 'MATE'!!.

"Hello there!!", I whispered internally to my wolf.

"Hey!!" she replied dreamily, oh!! she is completely captured by our mate, that she is not even paying attention to me.

A crashing sound brought me out of my "me-and-my wolf" world.

My eyes fell on Mike, who is helping himself up from what remained of my dressing table.

[Wait... What??!!]

Then I see my brothers standing in a protective stance in front of me.

"What the hell is going on here", I yelled or I tried to yell. My sound was lost in the growls of Mike and my brothers.

"STAY AWAY FROM HER" Abel growled.

"She is MINE", Mike countered.

All three of them are dangerously close to shifting, there is heavy tension in the room.
"STOP IT and BACK OFF. NOW", dad ordered in alpha tone. He rarely used it, esp. with family; but this seems like one of those occasions.

They all backed off, No matter how pissed off they are, their wolves cannot resist their Alpha's order; My brothers are still looked angry, but Mike looked mostly confused at their outburst.

"Well, boys. What explanation do you have for attacking pack's future Beta and your sister's mate?" dad questioned my brothers.

"Yea that's what I want to know as well" I yelled at them.

"Tina, I am the Alpha here" he glared at me.

"Sorry dad", I mumbled an apology.

"I expect an answer when I ask a question", dad growled when they didn't answer.

"She is just thirteen, dad. How can she have a mate now? We can't let him have his way with our baby sister", Abel is practically screaming when he said the last sentence.

"WHAT?!!" I and Mike shouted at the same time.

"That's what mates do right... they... they mate" Cal said, confused and embarrassed scratching his head.

Then it all hit me, the reason why my brothers are acting so weird. My face soon changed into as red as cherry, and I peeked at Mike to see his color mirroring mine. His mouth opened and closed like a fish as he tried to say something, but nothing came out.

Then dad came to our rescue, "Everybody, go downstairs and let Tina get ready for school" he said.

My parents and brothers gave me each a hug and wished me for my birthday and congratulate me for finding my mate. Mike kept his distance since Abel and Cal are glaring at him, he just nodded at me and wished me a happy birthday.

As they all went out, I rushed to my bathroom, hoping I don't have drools on my cheek from the night's sleep. I gasped at the mirror my hair looked like a birds nest and my eyes are swollen from the crying during the night, it's been like that since that incident with Mike. I brushed my teeth, took a hasty shower, blow dried my hair and put on skinny jeans and some top. I put on some eyeliner and lip balm and just brushed my hair and pulled that into a ponytail.

All the while I am thinking about Mike and all the mating stuff. Even though my brothers implied that the mates do mating things. I didn't feel any kind of lust or desire towards him. Is it that we are mistaken??

"We are not mistaken. He is our mate. I know. You don't feel the other way because you are too young.", my wolf said.

"It's about time you show up", I teased her." What's your name sweetie?"

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