Chapter 33:Her Birthday Wish

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Dmitri's P.O.V :

The laughter of my little girl filled the air as I watched her and her mother decorating our backyard with the help of some pack members, Tina was keen on recruiting Roses help and suggestions in each everything starting from the party theme to the color of the balloons making the little one feel so important. Today is Rose's second birthday her mother is planning on a huge party which compensated for the first birthday party no one remembers to host for the young one, we are planning to use this occasion to declare Celestina as the Luna of Shadow Knight pack officially at this event. As much as I want to go down there to join them in the fun they are having with tying the balloon and putting on the decorative, the office works had me tied down in the office which has to finish before heading down to great the visiting packs some of those related to the recent rogue attacks.

The pack-house buzzed with activity as everyone runs around fixing up the place for the evening event, the ladies in charge of the kitchen is having a rough time with cooking up for the grand dinner tonight and keeping the sneaky teenagers away from the fries and cupcakes. Men worked hard in carrying the furniture and logs to make a makeshift stage and temporary seats, Tina even went ahead and designed a playpen for the children so that the parent will be less worried about their safety. It is been a long time the pack had hosted such a big party and I can feel happiness and excitement pouring out of everyone and how proud they are of their Alpha family, all the reservation they had towards Rose previously had melted away long ago.

With the arising rogue problem we are planning to make this meeting an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the packs, I just found out that Tina is an expert in making more social connections and she has friends in almost all packs. So tonight we are expecting a rather big crowd of Alpha and Beta families from the neighboring packs, esp the Lunar Spirit, Blood Moon, and Red Crescent.

"If you keep ogling at your wife like this, you won't be able to attend today's function, the papers won't do themselves.", Philip said from the desk while he is immersed in a stack of paper and muttering in his breath 'kids.'

I walked near to him and smacked him, 'ouch', he cried out, Jace started laughing and stopped when both turned our glare to him.

"What had you all grumpy today??", Jace asked Philip while trying to suppress his laughter.

"Couldn't sleep a wink last night, Bella kept me up all night.", He said sighing and hitting his forehead on the desk and Jace snickered.

"You should be happy for the treat then!", Jace said wiggling his eyebrows at Phil.

"Oh, Yea!! Staying up all night to cooking up in the kitchen is not my type of fun. She made me cook from Omelettes to pancakes to pasta last night said she is craving for it, but by the time I put the plate in front of her she will run off to the bathroom to throw up. Afterward comes back and announces she is no longer craving  this dish and asks for something else, and it went on like this till morning until Tina walked into the kitchen and relieved me.", Philip explained while trying hitting his forehead on the table, this time both me and Jace started laughing.

"Laugh as much as you guys want!! we will see how you will fare with your pregnant mate", he grumbled going back to his papers.

"Haha... I don't have to worry about that any time sooner!! but you should watch out Alpha!!", Jace said while laughing but that had me thinking, unlike with my fated mate with my chosen mate  I won't be able to detect the scent of the pup right after fertilization not till the baby reaches at least a two months so with Tina I wouldn't know about pregnancies until she tells me that she is with child, "Think I have to wait and see.",I exclaimed.


"Nothing, go back to your work! I am talking to myself."

"Thought so", and then I through a paperweight at my gamma who never know when to shut up.

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