Chapter 36 : Where The Paths Cross

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Everything you do,  everything you say, every choice you make, sooner or later comes back around.


Celestina's P.O.V:

'You reap what you sow.'

That is what the terrifying sight of Susan's mutilated frozen body told me.  After the treason, she had done to the pack even her parents did not want to own up her body or give her a proper burial, but as the Alpha and Luna of the pack, it is our duty to make sure that every soul reaches to the moon safely. We buried her, did all the rituals for her soul that her blood relatives refused to do because for Alpha is the father of not only his family but to the whole pack and Luna is the mother to all pack members.

"A weapon killed her not the wolf, the claw marks are given to her after the death.", Dr.Stephen said as he walked into the Alpha's office where we are all gathered to discuss the facts. The room so crowded Dmitri, Philip and Ethan wouldn't let me, Bella and Olivia, out of there sight, then we have our delta Jace, My brothers, Christabel and Callahan; Alpha James from Blood Moon Pack and Alpha Jared from Red Crescent Pack(Alice's Pack).

"It was a clean cut on her neck and they let her bleed out before throwing her to dogs; Yes, dogs not wolves, it's not wolves but dog bite marks and those things are rabid. I have prescribed anti-rabies injection for everyone who came into contact with the corpse.", Stephen continued," and she was dead for around two weeks before she was left at the borders for us to find, they probably froze her body after the dogs had there round with her."

"That means they have killed her right after she delivered Rose to them", Jace spoke out loud the thoughts running through all our heads.

"But why now? Why did they wait till now to leave her body here?", Bella asked to no one in particular.

"It might be a sign to show us that they are ready for us, to instill some fear into our warriors, or..", Dmitri started.

"Or something might have happened that they did not expect and they think it is our doing.", I completed for him.

"Is that a good thing  or bad thing?", Olivia asked.

"We cannot say yet, if whatever happened made our child safe, then it is a good thing or else...", I squeezed Dmitri's hand stopping him from completing the sentence, I saw Olivia hugging Emily tightly to her and Bella placing a protective hand over her pregnant belly trying to keep away all these bad and terrifying news from their babies, it broke me to think that my child is living this nightmare somewhere outside in the wild.

"This also means we can expect them to attack us anytime ",  Christabel said," we better get our troops ready. "

" Already done. The troops are alerted,  they are ready and waiting for the first strike. ",  Jace said.

"Dmitri... You need to tell us everything you know about Rosalyn's mother... It might be difficult for you two but it is a necessity in this situation.", Alpha Jared said while Dmitri looked at me with unease, "So far you just told us you met her in a pub and got her pregnant, commanded her into staying here till the child was born and was six months old."

"Well!! that is all that is there to tell... Well her name is Shelly or that was what her friends were calling her, she never mentioned her name to us so we just called her what her friend was calling her and she did not object. She never talked anything about her past or her old pack, we were not really in good terms while she was here. We tried to track down the rogue group she was with but that was a small group of youth 5 or 6 of them, all of them around the age of 20-25 that time. Most of them were mated pairs, the leader seemed the oldest and he was her boyfriend and he doesn't look like he is mated. They stick around till Shelly's orders are lifted and once she left from here the whole group vanished and after around one and a half years later we got the first correspondence from them on my birthday.",Dmitri said trying to sound as if it is not affecting him to talk about the dark times of his life but his death grip on my hands told a different story to me.

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