Chapter 38 : A Mother's Heart

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A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. 

-Agatha Christie, The Hound Of Death


Celestina's P.O.V :

A deadly silence fell over the clearing even the wind stopped moving and the leaves stood still.

Orlando looked at me like I have grown a second head,  seems like he never expected me to give in so easily.  He is a maniac thirsty for blood,  I was just an excuse for him to shed more blood,  I watched him thinking it over in his head then slowly an evil smile grew on his face with his yellow decaying teeth showing.

"Is this your trap princess??  Be careful of what you are planning on sweetie because one wrong move and this little brat here will be dead. ", he said mocking me.

" No foul play from me Orlando, I will come to your side as soon as you hand over Rosalyn to her father. "

" That wolves will have me dead before you come here...  So here is the deal...  Make whole your army move out of the clearing and face their back to us then you and that clingy girl you are holding now come over here,  she can collect the child and walk away leaving you with me.  What do you say? "

" Agreed.  I will ask the troop to move out. ", with that, I turned around and faced my family my father, my brothers, my friends and my husband. I know this is a suicidal mission,  but this is the only choice in front of me to avoid further bloodshed.

I walked towards my father first, standing in front of him,  I couldn't find any words to tell him. I know I am doing this for my daughter but by doing that I am taking away his daughter from him. We just stared at each other for a few seconds, I can see his eyes  screaming at me to not to do this but his heart knew there is nothing that is going to stop me from doing this, we hugged and he kissed my forehead before letting me go, he whispered to me, "It's not your fault sweetie, we will be right behind you" .

"Keep everyone safe, daddy.  Take care of mom,  she needs you now", with that we let each other go.

Next was my brothers turn, Abel n Cal stood side by side with fire in their eyes, "You are stupid River.  Don't do this.", I heard Rock Cal's wolf growling at us and noticed to see that both my brothers are struggling to keep their wolves down. It's not just us the humans but the wolves are attached to each other, "We need to do this, I know I am hurting all of you by doing this but I believe if goddess has a plan for me in this life it is this one. I will lead this group away from our territories and make sure they will stay away from our packs if at any time they came for us don't hesitate to finish them off."I told them before pulling both of them to a big hug.

"We love you sis and no matter what you say we will be right behind you on the rescue mission, we know you can keep yourself safe till we come.",Abel murmured to me before letting me go, making sure only we three hear it.

Walking towards my husband I could feel the guilt weighing me down, I am taking a massive risk here breaking all the promises I ever made to him I couldn't bring myself to look into his eyes I just stood in front of him my head bowed in shame. I felt his fingers softly touching my cheeks willing me to look up into his eyes, we did not utter a word just stared at each other everything we want to tell was conveyed in that  our love our life, "Tell her I will always love her.",I managed to tell him and walked away when I see the first drop of tears escape his eyes.

 I bid my goodbye to my pack and walked back to Chelsea, "Come on lets go... Walk away as soon as you have Rose in your arms don't hesitate even for a second. Keep her safe, love her, she is a gem."

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