Chapter 14: Her Cure

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"A toddling little girl is a center of common feeling which makes the most dissimilar people understand each other."

- George Eliot


Alpha Demetrius's P.O.V :

"I am so honored to be at your presences Alpha. I always looked up to you, my father told me that a young new Alpha should idolize you on how to make your pack strong," the young Alpha in front of me is going on and on about god knows what, meanwhile his sister is trying to get my attention by showing off her scarcely covered body. This is the hundredth time he mentioned said "my father told me..." proving him to be daddy's pathetic son incapable of doing anything of his own other than what his dad told him to, this guy here is nothing but a social ladder climbing spineless Alpha and his sister is equally pathetic even for a slut.

My eyes roamed around the party area looking for my daughter and the young girl who took her to feed. My wolf is pacing inside my head giving me a headache grumbling about how we should have our pup in our arms after losing her once; I almost lost my control over him when we found that Rose is missing. When we saw her in a stranger's arms both me and my wolf went on high alert, I did not even notice that I was scaring Rose until that girl yelled at me. I was taken aback when she did so, nobody ever dared to yell at me, not in my pack or in any other pack, even elderly Alpha's treated me with respect, not even my mother used to scold me. Rose surprised me even more, she was never comfortable with women, the only female she even let near her without screaming down the place is Liza, but here she seems so comfortable and calm in a stranger's arms.

At last, I found my subjects of interest coming out of the packhouse, my little girl is laughing when the girl said something to her, thoroughly enjoying the attention she is getting from her new friend. She is a now in a new light rose or is that what she called baby pink dress she looks like a rose flower in that rose dress with a little bow with a rose on her head. I don't know how that girl managed to make her wear this without making much fuss; it always took about half an hour for Phil and Jace to dress her up.

I wish this girl is mated to one of my boys, I have a couple of unmated men with me if in case they meet their mates is here in this union. If she is mated to one of them I can hire her as Rose's nanny or something, She has to be good with children otherwise she wouldn't be in charge of the pack daycare, she seems to have a liking to Rose as well. Only if she won't back away once she heard of Rose's mother, my little girl is suffering a lot due to her good for nothing mother.

"...asking for her hand", that is all I caught from the young Alpha in front of me said.

"Excuse me, I did not catch what you said," I told him trying to look sorry.

"Oh... I saw you watching Celestine, so I was just talking about her.", he said his eyes tracing back to the girl who is making her way over to us with my little girl in her arms.

"What about her?" I asked him.

"You don't know?" the Alpha's sister jumped in, excited at the chance to gossip, "She is something like human world's widow, she lost her mate about three years ago. She.."

"Watch what you are saying, sis. She is going to be her sister-in-law one day." her brother cut her off before she gets lost in gossiping.

"Sister-in-law??", I looked at her utterly confused, didn't his sister just said she lost her mate.

"Rumors are there that her father is looking for a match for her since she lost her mate before they could mate. I am planning to ask for her hand, that is one of the purposes of my visit today.", he said looking at her, I can see greed and lust in his eyes, he is no doubt just a social ladder climber I felt really sorry for the girl.

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