Chapter 27:A Faint Beat

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"Pressing my head to his heart, I listened hard, straining to hear any gurgle or murmur of life. Hearing nothing, I felt the shock settle into my mind, slowing it down and then turning it off.
"Don't leave me, Noah. Please, don't go," I whispered into the darkness as the light spray of rain touched my face.
If only I could turn back time.
I would tell him yes." 
― Karen Ann Hopkins, Temptation


Dimitri's P.O.V :

My mind and my body went numb as I covered the rest of the distance, I did not see anything or hear anything that my team members and Philip are telling me as I shift back to human form and ran to my wife.
The last words I told her kept playing in my ears,

"you are a cursed one when you were there, your home pack lost their Beta, and because of you, my daughter's life is getting threatened here, where ever you are going the destruction is following."

I don't want this to be our last conversation, I want to tell her how much I love her, I want to apologize to her for being a fool, I want to tell she is the most wonderful mom, the best mother a child can get; each word I yelled at her started eating me alive. I was not the Alpha or the leader when I took my wife's limp body in my arms, I was just a man and a broken husband as I broke down in front of my pack, burying my face into the crook of her neck inhaling her sweet vanilla scent. I don't know how long I stayed like that, I growled at anyone who dared to come near us hugging her close to me, Tristan is going blind with rage, he is angry with me for letting his chosen mate wander out without guards, he is angry at the rogues for attacking her and I know if I don't hold her like this then I might be lashing out and attacking my own pack.

I saw Philip and Jace approaching me in my peripheral vision, I growled at them to stop but that didn't stop them, I was surprised at the amount of trust they had in me when I felt the arms on my shoulder cause everyone in the wolf world knows that an Alpha mourning for his mate is most dangerous wolves of all.

"Dimitri.",I heard Jace's voice in my head, he is trying hard to keep his voice straight but I can hear the hidden tears in his voice, "Let Stephen have a look at her, we might get more evidence which can be used to save another innocent soul, I am sure Tina will want to do that." I felt their arms tightening on my shoulder when Dr. Stephen slowly comes forward and lightly touched Tina's shoulder, beyond my effort reign him in Tristan growled at Stephen eyes flashing and barring his teeth,

"Tristan, spare your human. He is in pain as much as you are, but the pack needs the Alpha and your little pup needs the father, she can't lose both her mother and father at the same time. Don't let the anger rule you.", I heard Jace's wolf Oscar's voice in my head, as humans, I and Philip are the closest in our group but as the wolves, Tristan and Oscar share a strong bond.

I slowly put her down and stood up, my dad always told me that an Alpha must be able to put his pack first even before his family, at the time he said that I did not understand what those words actually meant but now I know, even through the pain of losing my chosen mate I have to stand straight and manage the situation, it's not just me each of them are suffering from the loss of their Luna, after all a Luna is the Mother of the whole pack. I watched as Dr.Stephen and his team fussing over Tina, that is when I noticed that she doesn't have any stab wounds or tortured wounds on her body, the wounds she wore are battle wounds. With this new realization I looked away from her taking I the surrounding, dead bodies of around ten wolves lay there, some with a broken twisted neck, some with huge bite marks on the stomach along with a lot of other wounds.

Now as I look at my wife with pride and new found respect a thought occurred to me, she does not has a stab wound either could I smell any silver on her, can that mean...

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