Chapter 19: New Luna

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"A Family can develop only with a loving woman as its center"

-Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel


Celestina's P.O.V :

                I am in an unfamiliar surrounding, my wolf is getting restless, unfamiliar scents and sounds surround me. I don't dare open my eyes afraid of what I will see it kind of remind me of the day I woke up from the coma. A small warm body is cuddled close to my chest, I hug it like life support, somehow that warmth is the one that is helping me to hold to my sanity. After a while, everything seems peaceful, the chattering and scents are still there but nothing violent, I got comfortable with the surrounding, a feeling of safety is enveloping me now.

                        I opened my eyes to see baby Rose curled up next to me, then everything happened in the last few days came to me and now I know am at my husband's home in his bed. I sat up to get a better view of the room, Rose slightly stirred beside me but went back to sleep, I caressed the little girl's hair with a small smile playing on my lips. She looks so peaceful in her sleep and I could see the other side of the bed is undisturbed, that means only we two were here last night, I wonder where Demetri went.

                                The room looked masculine with grey colored walls, creamy ceilings, and red curtains, except for a pink playpen set up at one corner of the room. A dark-wood king size bed, in which we are in now, stood in the middle of the room, a traditional type sofa stood to the far end of the room and the cupboards are also done in dark-wood. Heavy red curtains were pulled apart to let the sun-rays in through the french windows, and the adjoining balcony has chairs and a tea table, the window panes are decorated with climbing ivy, giving a green touch to the room. There were three doors into the room, one I assume the entry to the room, one to the bathroom and one to the closet.

                         I was scrutinizing each and everything in the room, suddenly the door at the end of the room opened Alpha Demetri walked in looking tired and sleepy still in the clothes he wore yesterday.

"Good morning", he said smiling as he made his way towards the bed and bend down and placed a small kiss on Rose's forehead. I watched as a small smile lit up her face, she recognized her father's touch even in her sleep, I wonder whether she will be able to recognize me as well, maybe in time.

"Good morning", I mumbled back, as he made his way to the door to the left and disappear. Soon sounds of running water came from the room, so it is the bathroom. I laid back on the bed, snuggling closer to Rose'd soft body taking comfort from her warmth and sweet rosy scent. 

        I did not know when I dozed off, I woke up feeling someone poking my cheeks, I opened my eyes to see a curious Rose looking intently at my face. Her face is lit up with a smile when I opened my eyes, I smiled at her and kissed her nose, "Good morning beautiful", I greeted her earning a giggle from her.

        I got out of bed with Rose and found her baby bag with our luggage that was left in the room by someone. After getting a clean dress for her from the bag, I carried her to the bathroom to clean up. I placed her in the playpen once she is clean and dressed, and proceed to get dressed, once all done I decided to head downstairs with Rose.

                I am nervous about meeting the pack, so many questions and insecurities are crowding my head. Even though I am born an Alpha, I am designed to be a beta mate so will I make a good Luna? Will the pack accept me? Will they judge me? Am I good replacement for their former Luna? I held Rose close to my chest breathing in her sweet rose scent to calm my nerves. I wish the Alpha is there to make a proper introduction at least to avoid the initial awkwardness, but one can only hope right, he is a busy man I can't expect him to be there to do something silly like this.

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