Chapter 29: Home In Your Arms

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"She realized home wasn't a place. It was here, safe in his arms"


Celestina's P.O.V :

I woke up to the feeling of someone running their fingers through my hair, I took a deep breath filling my lungs with the sweet-scented fresh air, my heart danced at the beautiful song the birds sang. The fingers on my hair are working magic on me, it is relaxing my tense muscles and I found myself melting at its touch, it is sending sparks to my very being...

'Sparks??? No, it can't be.!'

I opened my eyes to be attacked by the bright light on the outside world.

'Slowly Tiny, open them slowly', I hear a voice whisper to me and I obliged. I opened my eyes again to find a pair of ocean blue eyes staring at me with so much love... a pair of eyes I have been in love with since the day I was born...

"Mike !! ", I exclaimed, he smiled tugging a loose strand of my hair behind my ear, I had my head resting on his lap and he is running his fingers through my hair.

"But how? Is this a dream? Or was all that a dream?",  I asked sitting up and slowly raising my hands and touching his cheeks," Oh my God, this is real.. you are real."

"Oh Mikey, you don't believe what happened, I just had the worst nightmare ever... there... there was an accident.. a horrible accident and worst of all I lost you... you died, it all felt so real Mikey I was scared and frightened and lost... I.. I...."

"It was not a dream Tiny", Mike cut me off with a pained expression, "I am so sorry I had to leave you like that, I promised you that I will never hurt you but I put you through the worst pain possible. Am so sorry my love"

"But how can.. how can that be? Then how can you be here now? I mean you are really here, I can even touch you, Mike... I don't understand..", I cried by cupping his face with my hands, lightly running my fingers on his cheeks.

"What is the last  thing you remember sweetie?", Mike asked me ignoring my cries, without taking his eyes off me.

"I.. I remember running back home from the grave... Home?? Oh my God!! Rose?!! Mike, Am I dead too? Is that why I could see you? Where are we Mike, what is this place?", I asked him feeling the paranoia setting in, if this has been a year ago I would have been happy to join him here but now I am a mother and I have a sweet little girl to worry about and a whole pack that looks upon me to think about.

"This is a place between your dream and consciousness Tina we call is no-land,  I am sent here by the moon goddess to guide you, and as her way of apologizing for putting us through all those days. On your way back home you had an encounter with a group of rogues who were attacking your pack's patrol team you managed to steer them away from the wounded wolves and take them down but after the fight due to stress and exhaustion you collapsed, from that day your body is in a coma and your mind is lost in this no-land. River refused to heal you and wake you up since she thinks the real world is so cruel to you and she wants to keep you safe in this dreamland, Samuel is currently pursuing her to come back and join with your human soul so you can go back to your daughter and your family.", Mike explained to me tenderly wiping away the tears.

"Do I have a choice to stay here with you forever?", I asked him, feeling hopeful but again my heart ached for my little angel.

Mike hesitated little before answering, "If you choose to not go back then your human body will die, and your soul has to cross the bridge of souls to reach the light... but I don't want that for you now Tiny I have been watching you all these years, I have seen your pain, your fake smiles, your hidden tears sometimes I moved with the wind to hug you like a breeze... On that first night, you met Rosalyn and her father I know they are going to change your life, they are your escape from the hell I created for you. I am happy for you dear and I was the happiest when you decided to move on and agreed to marry the Alpha, I have seen how much happy they make you and how important you are to them and the pack, you are an amazing mother and Luna. I want you to go back to them and carry on your duty to them and be a good loving wife to the Alpha, and when the time right comes for you to cross the soul bridge I will be waiting for you on the other side with open arms and a heart filled with love."

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