Chapter 34 : Nightmare

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"Even if she be not harmed, her heart may fail her in so much and so many horrors; and hereafter she may suffer--both in waking, from her nerves, and in sleep, from her dreams." -- Bram Stoker, Dracula


Celestina's P.O.V :

The familiarity of the scene was unsettling as I walked around looking for an exit from the labyrinth I was caught in, each turn proved to be a wrong one as I wandered aimlessly eyes decisive me as I tried following the light. Wails and screams of agony tortured my sensitive ears as I ran covering them with my hands, the hideous smell of blood and death suffocated me as I struggled to breathe to fill my lungs. Among all these chaos attacking all my senses my trained warrior sense picked up the scent of a familiar flower in the air my heart beat fast as the thought of my this sweet scent be mixed with the scary smell of death, the scent grew stronger as fast walked towards it now mingled with the mouth-watering dark chocolaty scent. With racing heartbeats I followed the scents to see light coming from the end of a long tunnel the wind brought the baby giggles and masculine laughter with it to me, mixed with the unfamiliar giggles of a female, running faster I emerged at a familiar green meadow and there they are standing with a tight embrace with their child in between them.

My heart broke a little when I see my husband standing there alongside with his mate with his arms around her, it broke even more when my little angel called an unknown woman by mamma; but the happiness in their faces made it all better, their smiles and joy made up for all the pain I am feeling now. I am content and happy by seeing the joy in them.

Suddenly the atmosphere changed, the sun hides in the dark clouds casting shadows of danger upon us and then I saw him at the far end of the meadow. Looking dark and dangerous he trotted towards the little family who is oblivious to the destruction that is to fall upon them, his eyes as red as it used to be, barring sharp wolf teeth with rabid saliva dripping through them. He brought destruction upon me once, I won't let him do it again to the people I love, with that thought in mind I ran towards the little group at the middle of the meadow while the dark wolf started speeding as well.

I jumped in front of them as I saw the wolf jumping on them with his mouth wide open ready to plunge the teeth into there flesh, I watched as he descent on me his rabid teeth aiming for my neck going for the death blow and before it touches me...

Everything went black...

I gasped for air as I jumped up from my bed, searching for the bedside lamp. My heartbeat calmed as I watched the calmly sleeping figure of my husband right next to me, now search for me unconsciously at the spot I vacated moments before while waling up from my nightmare. I took my pillow and guided it towards him so that he could hug it, I watched as he took a deep breath taking in my scent on the pillow and settled down in the sleep. My mind is not completely calm yet, there is another person I need to check on before I could rest.
I walked out of my bedroom which I share with Dmitri to go onto Rose's room which is right next to ours. The house is mostly silent except for Bella's heaving as she emptied her dinner out of her tummy and soothing murmurs of Philip to her, I smiled hearing it while walking into my little angel's room.

Seeing her sound asleep in her crib hugging her stuffed toy calmed my nerve a little bit but not enough to calm the raging ocean of thoughts and self-doubts in me. Placing a soft kiss on her golden locks, I pulled her blanket a little up so she is not exposed to the chilly air and walked out of the room closing the doors softly behind me. Walking into our bedroom I paused near the door for a minute watching my sleeping husband a lone teardrop escape my eyes with the thought of losing my family enters my mind.

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