Chapter 25: My Daughter

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"Having something and losing it, it's so much crueler than never having had it." 
― Victoria Schwab, The Unbound


Dimitrius's POV:

Tristan tore through the woods not caring about the wildlife scurrying away from his path, the destination is set on his mind, the soil reeked of the smell of blood as he got close to the western borders with Philip's wolf Felix closely behind. But it is not the smell of the blood that is agitating the animal, there is some other scent mixed with the odor of the blood, a scent too familiar and I know it is that scent that is driving the animal crazy, Tristan kept muttering things to himself that I can't make out.

I tried to listen closely to what he is trying to say and I could make out only a few words,


"Pup" "danger"

He kept muttering these things continuously, then it hit me why the scent is so familiar that is the sweet scent of flower Rose, the scent of my daughter. But how can that be? She was with me till now, I left only a few minutes before, confused and furious I pushed Tristan to move faster and take as to the damn site.

As we neared the borders I saw the warriors from my pack gathering around a figure on the forest floor and the air sting of blood. The head of the patrol team met us halfway as he saw us approaching, we shifted back to our human form as soon as we reached him and he handed us some shots to wear. 

"Alpha. Beta.", he greeted us as soon as we are on our two legs.

"Explain the situation. ", Philip ordered as I was having a hard time trying to control Tristan from tearing apart his own pack members, he is very agitated and along with the smell of blood Rose's scent is also very strong here, both of us doesn't like the way the smell of blood entangled with our daughter's scent, it smelt so wrong, it is driving us crazy.

"It's a young girl this time sir, a teenager, tortured and murdered the same way as the previous ones", he said slightly nodding to words the body of the young girl.

"Have you identified the girl?", Philip continued.

"Yes Beta; Her name is Irene Evans, thirteen years old, the middle child of Mr. & Mrs. Evans, her family is notified of the incident. In her case nobody knew she was missing, she went to a human friend's place for two days after a fight with her mother, so they thought nothing of it when did not get any call from her, they just assumed she is just angry and need time to cool it off, now her body appeared on the cold forest floor",he said with a sad sigh.

"The name sound familiar, isn't she the one who babysits Rose?", Philip asked me, and I felt dread creeping through my veins.

"Yes, and she bailed on us today without prior information. she did not show up. ", I said as we walked fast towards the girl.

"And what is it that needs the special attention that you requested for my presence ?" I asked feeling impatient, I need to get back to my daughter and make sure she is well.

"You must have a look at it  Alpha, we don't know what to make out of it or how to explain it... This is how we find her body", he said as we moved towards the young girl's corpse. The rest of the team greeted us by bowing their head as a sign of respect and move aside to make way for us.

I don't know what is more dreadful, the sight of the young girl being tortured and ripped apart with her legs and hands twisted to awkward position and her guts cut open or the sight of my little daughter's favorite stuffed teddy on top of the girl's corpse, I almost lost control of Tristan as he began to lash out wanting to rip apart everything that poses a threat to his pup, but as an Alpha there are more pressing matters I need to attend, the father and wolf in me was terrified something might have happened to our young daughter but the Alpha and the leader in me knows I need to be here for my pack and the young girl's family, the logical side of me knows my daughter is safe at home with my aunt but the emotional side in me is worried for her safety.

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