chapter twenty-five

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Comas weren't my favorite thing in the world. My father once got a one that lasted a week when I was seven. I had to stay with my cousin Jade since there was no one else to take care of me. I mean, Reza -- the son of one of my dad's faithful sidekicks -- and his dad could have taken me in but Reza was pretty annoying for a 5 year old who was a prodigy at science and just learning in general.

But when I found out that Carlos was in one due to his reaction of the rape he had went through, I tried my best to stay calm as I stayed in the waiting room. They had let me stay in Carlos's room, but I was close to breaking down, so I left the room and left him alone in the room to get rest -- if I could even say it as that rest. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and opened up my gallery, scrolling through all the pictures in the album titled 'honey & i' which where all just all types of selfies Carlos and I took randomly.

I clicked on one where we were on our way to school, and I was driving, a starbucks coffee in my hands while Carlos made a funny face -- which was sticking out his tongue and showing his double chin. I swiped and the next one was a video of us at Carlos's house. I squinted my eyes, I don't remember this one. I clicked play and lowered the volume enough for me to hear it, even though no one else was sitting in this hall.

The video started, and it showed me recording Carlos, which hadn't noticed that I was recording him, he was just scrolling through his phone, doing whatever.


"Hm?" He looked up to find me recording, and instantly covered his face with his hand, turning around in the bed to not show his face, "No. Turn it off, Jay."

"Why, babe?" I was wrapping my arm around Carlos's waist, just when he snatched my phone out of my hands and started moving around in the bed. I had caught him before he got up, just at the end of the bed. Carlos was giggling as I gave his cheek multiple kisses. The video ended and I was left with a black screen, showing the reflection of the tears running down my face. I sighed and wiped them away.

I need Carlos. Or else I'm nothing. I need my everything. And I can't leave him with stupid, Ben the rapist.

I leaned against the wall, closing my eyes and inhaling. All the memories of us two together, dating or friends, ran through my mind as I held in my breath. How could I let that slip away so easily? I let go of my breath and looked back at the hallway, hoping that the doctor would come around sooner or later -- much prefered sooner -- and tell me that Carlos would be okay and that his memory over all the recent things that happened were erase, that way he would forget about everything that happened the last couple of weeks and just remembered us.

As I got tired of waiting, I stood up and walked to the lady at the counter. She looked up as I leaned against the wood, plastering a polite and kind smile on her face, "Yes? How can I help you?" She asked.

"Um, I was wondering if room 201 would be getting checked on anytime soon...?" I leaned in a bit more.

She held up a finger and searched through the computer, moving the mouse around and clicking on something, "No. Room 201 won't be checked on until tomorrow afternoon at 12:30." I sighed in relief, "Why? Is there someone you're here for or need to visit?" She asked.

I nodded, "I was wondering if I could go in the room and stay there for the night with the patient. I was told that he would wake up some time during tomorrow and I don't want him to wake up alone. He gets... scared easily. So is there any chance I can...?"

"Of course. See, we were going to call someone who we guess is close, but since you're basically someone who is close, you can go in and keep him company. Please do take note to not try anything to wake him up, things like that end terribly and the time for the coma will get unbelievably expanded." She said, pursing her lips.

"Okay. Thank you." She nodded and I walked away, looking at the room numbers while passing by.

197, 198, 199, 200, 201!

I grabbed the doorknob, turning it to the side and opening the door as quiet as I could manage. Right there, in the middle of room, was Carlos. Laying on a stale-looking bed, eyes closed and body straight, his hands on either side of his hips. His mouth was covered by one of those breathing masks, that was also connected to a tall breathing tank. Even from over here, I could hear the deep breaths he was taking.

Quietly, I walked up to the bed and sat down, completely focused on Carlos. I looked at the clock after a few minutes, finally taking my eyes off of the pale boy.  11:58 pm.Two more minutes until 12. I looked back at Carlos, deciding that it was time to get some sleep. I looked around the room to see if there was anywhere else I could sleep. The sofa looked quite looked comfortable. I could sleep there, there wasn't enough space for me to sleep with Carlos. Plus it would be wrong, him waking up to find me curled around him like some sort of koala. And it'll all be too confusing, first we argued over not believing me, and now I'm sleeping with him in a stupid hospital bed the day after his ex-boyfriend (I'm sure that Ben and Carlos's relationship is over) raped him and left him in coma.

Yup, the sofa seemed much better.
this chapter wasn't much now that i find myself re-reading it

im sure the next few chapters are going to be boring and short since this book is coming to an end

i hope you all enjoyed this little weak chapter i'll try to make next week's chapter much more interesting


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