chapter twenty-one

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Even after Mal's confession about liking Evie, I didn't change my opinion about her. Mal had come over at my house to 'work on homework' but really we were sitting on the couch in my living room, the TV turned off with the volume half down, playing a show we had stopped watching as soon as the conversation became more interesting. There was popcorn on the table along with candy and our school books spread out.

"I haven't done homework in a long time." I said, looking up from my math book.

Mal swallowed her popcorn before asking, "How come?"

"I was homeschooled before coming over here, and me and Carlos didn't do any school work, we just... did things." I shrugged popping a sour gummy worm into my mouth and writing down something in my paper.

"Like fuck?" She asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Mal!" I kicked her calf.

She bended her hand, "Is it not true?" She sent a knowing look in my direction, chewing on a gummy worm.

I looked down at my work.

"Exactly." She smiled and wrote something on her paper, flipping the page on her textbook.

"That's why one day he came to school one day with hickeys all over his neck. Carlos, I mean." She clicked her tongue and flipped her purple hair out of her face, "You're not so secretive." She chuckled.

"Oh, yeah, like you staring at Evie's ass was secretive?"

Her pencil dropped and she looked at me, jaw dropped. I laughed and smirked, hitting my pencil against the hard cover of my book.

"Was it really that noticeable?" She whispered as if Evie was next to her. She stuck her head out and furrowed her brows. I nodded and grabbed another piece of candy.

"Just as noticeable as the hickey situation." I gave her a salute and looked back down at my book, writing the answer down and moving to the next question.

"Well, of course the hickey thin was noticeable! They weren't red like a usual hickey would be! They were a dark purple! Maybe just as dark as my hair!" She grabbed a chunk of her purple hair and showed it in my face.

"What can I say? I like to mark what's mine." I stopped myself as she gave me a look, "Well, what used to be mine."

Mal pursed her lips, and poked me in my kneecap with her white sock covered foot. Next thing I knew, she lowered her foot and kicked me where the sun doesn't shine.

I let out a groan and clutched at my crotch, hissing loudly.

"Get over it!" She snapped, saying it loud enough for me to hear it over my painful sounds.

I gaped and looked at her, "I could have gotten over it without you kicking my balls!" I growled. She laughed, sitting up from her position on the couch. Just as I felt the pain go away, there was a knock on the door, causing me to groan and get up. Mal continued to shove her face with sweets as she watched me make my way to the door.

I opened the door, making sure I didn't open it up all the way so whoever was there wouldn't come in.


I looked up and found Carlos standing in the doorway. I heard Mal gasp and stand up, the couch creaking as she got on her feet. I turned to look at her, giving her a look, motioning for her to stop. She mouthed 'sorry' and sat back down, feet together and hands intertwined. She watched intensely as I stated back at Carlos, apologizing.

"It's fine." He assured, waving a hand through the air. He looked at me with his hazel eyes, a look on his face that seemed like he was begging for something.

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