10. sunshine baby

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THE NEXT MORNING, JAY awoke with no sudden sight or feeling of Carlos in his bed. He had patted the spot next to him where Carlos was asleep, but he didn't feel anything except for his sheets.

He stood up, his elbows propping him up. "Carlos?" He asked, hoping Carlos was just in the restroom.

Was it all a dream? Was them making up just a dream? That couldn't be, they made love last night, a beautiful night filled in with intense touching, kissing, moans, and many more things that proved for Jay's theory to just be false.

He removed the sheets from his body and stood up straight, grabbing a hair tie and putting his hair into a messy manbun, not feeling the energy to put on bobby pins to hold certain baby hairs down.

He walked barefoot down the stairs, only wearing his boxers, shirtless. Suddenly, the smell pancakes filled his nostrils.

Blueberry pancakes, to be exact.

His favorite.

He walked inside the kitchen, where Carlos was, his back turned to face Jay, who smiled in delight and started walking towards him, making as much as no sound as possible.

He put his hands on the younger's hips and leaned in, peppering kisses from his shoulder to his back.

Carlos giggled, already knowing it was Jay. He continued to flip the pancake be was currently working with, "Good morning, to you, too." He smiled brightly.

Jay smiled and moved his hands up to Carlos's shoulders, massaging them and continuing to place kisses on each freckle. "They look like little stars."


"You're freckles. They look like stars." Jay explained, connecting each freckle with another one.

Carlos smiled as he felt Jay trace them. He suddenly didn't feel so insecure about them now. He always had so many of them, and he never really enjoyed having them there. But now that he knew that Jay liked them, he was starting to feel more comfortable with how many he had.

"Is that what you're doing? Drawing constellations because my freckles have suddenly turned into stars?" Carlos asked, resting his head on Jay's shoulder.

Jay smiled, giving Carlos a peck on the cheek, "They just look so pretty on you, it's probably my favorite feature about you, subshine baby."

Carlos put the pancake on a plate, doing another one and letting the bottom side bake. He turned around and moved over so he wouldn't get burned. "Sunshine baby? What happened to Frosty?"

"You liked Frosty?" Jay asked, sounding surprised, "Everytime I called you that you would roll your eyes."

"Well maybe I have a weak spot for it. But I only want you to call me that, just you." Carlos added, looking serious.

"Which one? Sunshine baby or Frosty?"

"Both. I like both." He leaned in and rubbed his nose with Jay's, smiling cheekily as he jumped on top of the counter, wrapping his arms around Jay's neck, whilst Jay placed his hands on his hips.

Their lips locked, and now they were making out in the kitchen at 11 in the morning. Carlos tilted his head, deepening the kisses, and running his hands through Jay's hair.

Carlos was the first one to pull away, excluding the face of how much they were enjoying it. He studied Jay for a moment, smiling before resting his forhead against Jay's own forhead.

"Did I tell you yet how much I enjoyed last night?" He asked.

Jay smirked. "No, you didn't." He shook his head, placing both of his hands on either side of Carlos's legs, seeming interested in the conversation now.

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