07. food fight

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"WE SHOULD SKIP SCHOOL today, too," Jay suggested, putting on his beanie onto his head, hiding the messy manbun he put his hair in and leaving a few strands out.

"Are you crazy?" Carlos retorted, shoving his homework in his backpack, "We can't miss another day of school! We already missed yesterday, so just imagine how much of the lesson we won't be able to understand!"

"Big deal! It doesn't really mater; it's just a lesson." He muttered, squatting down to tie his boots.

Carlos craned his neck and glared at Jay, "Just a lesson? JUST A LESSON?!" Jay's eyes widened like saucers and he stood as he noticed Carlos walking up to him like a tiger creeps up on a gazelle (or whatever it was called, Jay didn't really care). "This lesson can change our whole lives, it can change the way we live our lives! And if we miss it, we won't do good in our test that the teacher gives us everytime we learn something new, and it can even affect our college application! IT'S NOT JUST A LESSON!"

Jay didn't move as he was afraid to even breath and it resulting in Carlos pouncing on him (though he really wouldn't have a problem with that). "Okaayyy, Frosty," He chuckled nervously, "We'll just go to school, okay? We can learn and we can get into college, mkay?"

Carlos started giggling all cute like, nodding and smiling with his cute little chubby cheeks, "Okay, yeah, yeah let's go learn and get into college." He giggled some more, and as much as Jay thought it was cute, it reminded him of how much he had giggled before Carlos lip locked him the day of the party.

He gave him a smile before motioning for him to get his backpack so they could heald to school.

Minutes later after pushing eachother down the stairs, fully intending for one another to fall, they got into Jay's car and started driving to school. The music was all the way up and they were singing and laughing, doing the exact moves but messier.

When they finally disembarked, they lowered the music, for they had the windows down and there were teachers outside (the music that was playing vee naughty). Jay found a good spot close to the entrance and positioned the car.

Since Jay had his sunglasses set down to cover his eyes, he looked like he was more of a bodyguard then a friend to Carlos. The way he had dressed made him seem like someone to not mess with.

And Carlos, cute little innocent Carlos, was clutching his binder towards his chest, trying his best to not be observed. "Can you please not look like you're my badass boyfriend who'll beat anyone up just for glancing at me?" He hissed.

Jay chuckled, "Wow, what happened to Mr. Language?"

Carlos gave him a look. "C'mon Jay."

"Sorry, Frosty, but I'm not doing anything. I'm just walking." Jay shrugged a shoulder and opened the door, holding it open for the younger one to enter.

Carlos was sure that 50% of the students in the hall turned to look at them, the others not caring and continuing with whatever the heck they were doing.

Suddenly, Benjamin came into view, and he stopped taking his book out from his locker, eyes turning wide in shock. He shoved his book back in his locker and took a step forward to talk to, probably, Carlos but stopped when he saw Jay lower his glasses to give him a look.

Benjamin opened his mouth to say something, but closed it and ended up smirking, mouthing to Jay, 'watch your back.' He walked backwards, still smirking with pride until his shoulder jabbed into his locker, causing him to mumbled a cuss word.

Jay snorted and shook his head, continuing to walk with Carlos all the way to his locker. As he leaned against the rest of the lockers, patiently waiting for his friend to get his books out. He thought of to why Benjamin told him to watch his back. Did he know something?

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