11. rooftop kisses and photography

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AFTER THEY WERE ABLE to compose themselves, Jay and Carlos headed off to Carlos's house, where Carlos proceeded to get changed while Jay put his stuff in the corner of a wall and pet Dude for a while, who was happily learning how to like Jay because of the many belly rubs he gave him.

Carlos came out of where he was changing son enough to see Jay sitting down with his legs spread apart, and Dude in between them, growling lowly as Jay scratched behind his ear. Carlos giggled, "My two favorite pups," He said before walking of towards Jay and Dude.

Jay frowned, "Are you calling me a dog, Frosty?" He asked, seeming quite (yet fakely) offended.

"No," Carlos said, sounding extremely sarcastic, "Never." He smiled at Jay, who stood up and gave Carlos a small, playful shove.

"Let's go." Jay said, after a while of Carlos giggling. He grabbed his keys from the floor and walked out of the room, Carlos following close behind while he baby-talked Dude, who was trotting behind them both, his tongue out as he jumped from stair to stair. Jay skipped the last two steps and jumped onto the floor, gaining his balance quickly and running towards the door and opening it for Carlos.

Carlos smiled and kissed Jay's cheek before walking outside, leaving Jay back there, stupid smiling.

Jay locked the door before following Carlos down the steps and back to his car, where Carlos was waiting for Jay to unlock the door.

"Hurry up, slowpoke!" Carlos shouted, pulling on the handle of the passenger seat. Jay stopped mid-way through the porch, a serious look on his face. "Jaaaaayyy!" Carlos whined, pulling on it even harder.

"Patience, young grasshoppper," Jay said, starting to walk again, reaching Carlos and ruffling his fluffy hair. Carlos pouted at Jay, who pushed a button on the car keys, which Carlos guessed unlocked the door because, while he pulled on the handle, he pulled too hard and ended up tripping, almost landing on his knees and ending up scraping them if it weren't for Jay wrapping his arm around his waist and pulling him towards his body.

Carlos flushed a dark red, standing up almost immediately and scurrying back to the now open door, his head low so Jay couldn't see the dark blush filling us face. He ducked his head and sat down on the passenger seat, closing the door -- from the corner of the eye he could see Jay smirk, his bottom lip brought in between his teeth -- and puffing.

Why do I always get so blushy around him? Carlos thought to himself, rubbing the back of his neck. He quickly composed himself as the driver's seat opened and Jay stepped inside, still smirking cockily. "Why are you smiling like that?" Carlos asked, fiddling with his hands nervously.

Jay sighed and leaned over the console, getting close to Carlos's face, "Baby, it's called a smirk." After his words, Jay smirked even wider and Carlos blushed even harder (if it was even possible). Carlos let out a harsh breath before Jay grabbed at the back of his head, pulling him closer towards his face. "W-What are you doing?" He asked, feeling incredibly small.

Jay grinned, getting oddly close to Carlos's lips. "Jay?" He asked. His breathing hitched, as Jay leaned in to his lips.

He's about to kiss me. He's about to kiss me. Carlos was freaking out.

Jay smiled in victory, "Hmm, your too cute, sunshine baby." He let go of his head and shoved the keys into the ignition, giving it a twist and turning on the car, the cool air starting up.

Carlos was left in the same position he was in, feeling a mix between shocked and bewildered at the same time. "Jerk."

"Punk." Jay mumbled back.

They looked at eachother before erupting into major giggles and heading out into the city, with Carlos pointing out the directions to where it was, and red lights meaning them throwing themselves onto one another and attacking eachother's lips furiously and hungrily since they were both left wanting after their little teasing segment.

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