chapter twenty-seven

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Carlos doesn't say anything when Jay grabs his hand in his own, and instead leans his head against the pillows, letting the skin of his hand be rubbed gently with care. If Carlos is being honest, Jay looks exhausted. Bags under his eyes, multiple hairs out of his supposed-to-be neat bun (and not just baby hairs), messy, crippled shirt, and hard, deep breaths.

He doesn't say anything when Jay lifts his head and stares at him directly in the eyes, no. Carlos doesn't want to be the first to say something because then when Jay answers, his first or last word will probably be 'honey' and he doesn't want that right now.

Cheated on by Benjamin, got together with Jay, 'cheated' (the qoutation msrks arrthere because it's still undecided) on by Jay, got back together with Benjamin, raped by Benjamin, with the relationship still not declared done with.

He's gone through a lot at the moment, his presence in the hospital and his new panic attacks can agree so. He doesn't want anymore drama going on in his life, but he also knows that if he doesn't say the first word, neither will Jay. Carlos takes a quick look at Jay before opening his mouth, "Uhm, how long was I out? In the coma, I mean."

Jay studies him for a long second, and then rests his chin on the top of his palm, "Well, yesterday, you came to my house crying -- I'm sure you remember that -- and I think you're reaction made you lightheaded, since you seemed like you were crying a whole lot, and then you passed out. So, since yesterday in the afternoon." He explained, still holding onto his arm.

"I wouldn't call that a coma, just passing out." Carlos muttered, looking away.

"I don't care what it was," Carlos raised an eyebrow, "You scared the living hell out of me. Do you know what I felt like when you just dropped from my arms to the floor? I almost had a heart attack!" Jay wasn't screaming, his voice didn't raise either, but he sounded so frustrated it made Carlos want to cry.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you like that, it just... happened, no matter if I wanted it to come over." Carlos apologized, finally reacting and squeezing Jay's hand. Jay didn't do anything except sigh and look out the window at the front wall. Carlos threw his head against the headboard, feeling like a jerk for making Jay scared.

"Did you stay here? Last night, I mean."

"Yeah, I didn't want you to wake up in a hospital room all alone, so I slept on that couch in the corner." He motioned with his chin to the couch.

"Oh, t-thank you."

"Yeah, anyways, I brought you breakfast from my house, in case you're hungry," He grabbed the brown lunch bag and took out the plate, which held two pancakes with a little box of maple syrup that Jay got from a breakfast stand.

Carlos took it and began eating it, chewing slowly, even though it seemed like he was starving. When he swallowed a piece, Carlos stared intensely at Jay, "When I, uh, when I ran to your house crying, it looked like you were packing up your things." Jay stopped, "Were you moving?" He didn't tear his eyes apart from Jay, even though the elder wasn't staring at him.

Jay took a deep breath, "I was going to go back to Agrabah. I just thought that maybe you didn't want me here and didn't want anything that reminded you of me, or maybe just wanted to be with Ben without looking at me or remembering what we were, so I packed up and started getting things in my car, but I didn't leave, yet, until you came."

Besides everything Carlos heard, he only focused on one thing, "You were going to leave Auradon?" He asked, brows knotted together and scrunching up the skin above it.

Jay sighed, "Yeah. I still plan on it. It's just withdrawn for the moment." He moved the chair back and stood up, taking his hair out of the bun and running a hand through it.

"Why would you want to leave?" Carlos asked, about to get up, but a pain in his lower stomach stopped him from doing anything.

"I just told you why. I don't plan on changing my mind. And you can't either. So if you start coming up with a plan on how to get me to stay, it's not going to work. My own father isn't even here. I haven't visited him in a long time even when I promised him I would." Jay closed his eyes and leaned against the wall close to the door.

"But, Jay. What am I supposed to do if you leave?" Carlos asked.

Jay lowered his eyes, "What do you mean?" He shrugged.

"I mean am I just supposed to go back to how it was before you came to Auradon? With Evie and Mal? I know you know that I'm going to break up with Ben, and no one else is interested in me besides you. So, that's just it?" Carlos sat up right.

"I don't control your life, Carlos. You can do what you want. Find new friends, go o dating apps. But I'm not going to be here anymore. I'm sorry, C." Carlos looked at Jay with his mouth wide open, "Auradon brought bad things to my life and I don't want to be here anymore. Agrabah is where my family is and where happiness, for me, is."

Carlos stared at him. "Am I bad thing that came into your life?"

Jay looked at the ground, not answering his question.


Jay sighed am looked up at the black and white haired boy, studying him. He shrugged again before giving Carlos the worst answer possible.

"I guess so."
sad chapter, short ending

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