15. trust issues

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THE RIDE HOME FROM practice was somehow weirdly quiet, for some particular reason.

Jay would initiate conversation, but Carlos would quickly try to find a way to end it shortly.

It was weird, there was pure silence; no talking, no laughing, no music playing from the radio. Just the sound of traffic and the wind blowing past theme as Jay drived them home, the windows rolled down and Carlos looking straight onto the road.

It wasn't like Carlos to avoid talk with Jay. If anything, talking with Jay in general was what Carlos would look forward to when they were going somewhere. It was just them two sitting in the car, either the sunlight or the nightlight hitting their faces as they talked about anything.

So when he made ways to avoid conversation, it didn't only shock Jay, but it shocked him, too. It wasn't like him.

When they stepped inside the house, Jay grabbed Carlos's wrist and clashed their bodies together, Carlos's back against Jay's chest. Jay pouted when he got no reaction from Carlos and instead wrapped his arms around his torso, resting his chin on top of Carlos's puffy hair.

"What's wrong, LoLo?" He asked with a warm tone. Jay could feel Carlos melt against him (literally melt), pushing back onto Jay's chin.

Jay started moving back until they fell onto the long, wide, soft, couch.

"Hm?" Jay nuzzled the side of his head against Carlos's ear, suddenly feeling cuddly.

This time, it was Carlos's turn to pout, and he slid against Jay so he could rest his head on his chest, "Will you get mad at me if I tell you?"

"Aw, Frosty, I can never get mad at you."

Carlos gazed at him for a moment, unsure of whether hid reaction would be good or bad. "Okay, I trust you. Well, you know how today everyone was telling us about that stereotype thing, right?"

"You're thinking about that?"

"Just listen!" Carlos smacked his hand. "Anyways, I've been thinking about it because, you know that some people that are obsessed with stereotypes and putting labels on everyone, like Audrey, will try to get their way so they can make the school system the way they want it. What if they tried to break us up? So you can be with a cheerleader and it'll be just how they want it to be?"

Jay looked at him, but Carlos avoided his gaze. "You really think that's gonna happen?"

Carlos swallowed hardly, "That's not what I meant. I'm saying what if they try to make it happen?"

"They can't do that. We're inseparable, and, Carlos, if you think otherwise," He intertwined their hands together, "Let me know so I can show you otherwise."

Carlos's breathing hitched when Jay grabbed hold of his hand. "I don't think otherwise, Jay," He stood up, "But I'm just thinking that they're probably gonna do something. I know you're still new and all, but when Audrey wants something, she goes after it. One time she wanted Evie to give her her gold pumps she wore to prom, and she literally had the rest of the cheer team hold her down so she could take them from Evie. Also, did you know that they're both size 6 in heels?" He stated, turning his head and narrowing his eyes, sticking up a finger.

Jay sighed and stood up as well, "C, when Audrey pulled me away, she said she was gonna force me or she was gonna be forced."

Sadly, Carlos didn't hear the part where Audrey was gonna be forced and instead focused on the rest, "Exactly! She's gonna force you! I'm tell you she goes after what she wants, Jay! I don't lie when I say that, it's the truth, Jay, it's the truth!"

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