chapter twenty-six

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I forgot I had made the decision to sleep on the sofa instead of the hospital bed with Carlos last night. So I don't know why I woke up disappointed when I found myself curled on the black leather sofa. Carlos was still there, breathing through the mask, the tank supporting him. The beeping of the machines had woken me up, but not Carlos.

I looked at the clock, 9:17. It was still early, so why not sleep some more? The lady at the counter said that this room wouldn't be checked on until 12:30, so there was still some more time to get some sleep. But before that, I stood up and walked to the hospital bed Carlos was on, eyes still closed. I grabbed his hand that was attached to some wires, running my thumb across the skin that didn't have anything connected to it.

"Hey, LoLo," I started, "I know you can't hear me, you're in a coma, obviously," I gave a soft chuckle, "But, um, I hope you wake up today because I kinda, need you. A lot. So, I hope when I wake up, you'll be reading a book, waiting for me like I'm waiting for you right now." I sniffled, "I wanna say sorry for throwing you out of the house and screaming at you when you just wanted to talk. I'm really sorry. You don't deserve that. I'll also make sure that the whole Ben situation gets handled and he gets thrown in jail for raping you." I let out a sigh, "And, um... that's it." I looked at him, half-expecting him to be blinking, staring at me with this lovey-dovey hazel eyes of his, but they were still closed.

I turned around in my heels and climbed back onto the sofa, releasing a sigh and closing my eyes, allowing my body to fall into a deep sleep.
"Sir, sir. Please wake up we cannot enter without you leaving, sir."

I opened my eyes, taking my time to adjust to the bright light shining through the window. I sighed and propped myself up with my elbows, lifting myself up from the sofa and looking at the nurse, "Will I be able to come back any time after you're all done checking on him?" I asked tilting my head and cracking my knuckles, slightly stretching.

"I'm sure that you can come in to check on him a few minutes after we're done. Right now, it's 12:19 and we're getting things ready to give him a regular check-up, so you can go back to your home, do what you need to," I nodded, "And also since we don't have any specific good for the patient, we ask you to bring something for him, along with a drink so he can get hydrated."

"Okay, got it."

"Thank you, but now we need you to leave the room."

I nodded just as the doctor and two other nurses came in behind him. They stepped aside, giving me warm smiles as I reached the door. As I pushed it open, I gave one last look to the bed, and bright hazel eyes were staring at me in confusion.
I went home and took a long shower, letting out my thoughts and feeling as the cold water hit my body. When I got out, I stayed with the towel around my waist, shirtless and water dripping down my back. I didn't know what I ended up making, my mind was too focused on Carlos and how his eyes were on me when I left the room.

Had he woken up the same time I did? Or had he woken up earlier and watched me sleep on the sofa?

I shook my head as I grabbed a plastic plate from the pantry, placing the food on the plate and wrapping it in plastic wrap, sealing it so it wouldn't fall out. I grabbed a lunch bag and put the plate inside. I sighed and walked into the living room, leaving it on the table to go to my room and change into a pair of clothes: sweatpants, a plain black t-shirt and some regular shoes (because combat boots don't match). I petted Lula for a while and then decided it was best to get going to the hospital to visit Carlos and bring him breakfast. I grabbed the car keys from where I left them at, along with my phone.

I hope my honey is awake.
I smiled at the lady in the counter before walking off to room 201. I can feel myself sweating as I walk down the hall, the brown lunch bag in my hands. I reach the room, standing in front of it for a while, taking a deep breath to calm myself down.

Please be awake and reading a book like he always is.

Hesitantly, I put my hand on the door and push it open slowly. As soon as it's fully open, I can feel a pair of eyes follow my movements, and a shiver runs down my back as it happens. I look up and find Carlos seated properly on the bed, resting on some pillows with a hardcover book in his gentle hands that are still stuck to some wires. His mouth is still covered by the mask, and it makes me ball up the top of the bag. I let the door close, shutting out the noises from outside the room.

Carlos's breathing is hard as I watch him stare back at me. I look down at my hands and start walking to his right side where a small chair is at. I make eye contact with him as I sit down, resting the bag on the table next to the head of the bed. He doesn't try to say anything, he's just breathing through his mouth, the sound the mask makes being the only noise that was heard in the room.

I close my eyes and inhale, grabbing his hand and resting my forhead next to his thigh. I intertwine our fingers together, rubbing his skin with my thumb softly and gently.

I release my breath.

"It's okay."
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